The first bulldozer of Sany, the hottest bulldozer

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Reading Guide: June 29 is a special day. On this day, the Shenzhou 9 manned spacecraft successfully returned to earth, the Jiaolong manned submersible successfully dived to a depth of 7000 meters, and the first Sany Heavy link bulldozer syt7 also successfully went offline. Bold innovation product energy saving 20% in October, 2011, Sany Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd

june 29 is a special day. On this day, the shenzhou-9 manned spacecraft successfully returned to earth, the Jiaolong manned submersible successfully dived to a depth of 7000 meters, and the first bulldozer syt7 of Sany Heavy communications also successfully went offline

In October, 2011, Sany ChongTong Machinery Co., Ltd. was registered and established, filling the gap in Sany's industrial chain in the field of earthwork machinery. In order to launch new products as soon as possible, Sany Research Institute began intensive market research at the beginning of its establishment, and identified the first product developed as the main type of bulldozer popular in the market - one of the easily damaged parts of the electronic universal testing machine is the syt7 bulldozer

at that time, the entire R & D project team was less than 15 people, and most of them were fresh graduates. The project team met the difficulties and took the form of old leading new. The new employees studied hard and asked for advice with an open mind. Soon, the team was on the right track. At the initial stage of entrepreneurship, the office conditions were very poor. Without an office, people crowded together to draw drawings, and their morale was even higher; If there is no printing equipment, please ask the brother department to help print

finally, the project team successfully completed a series of work such as the overall scheme design, component design and construction drawing design of s experimental machine, a common laboratory machine yt7, and made bold innovations. It adopted advanced technologies such as high-speed drive and trolley pivot suspension, making the product a generation higher than the overall technical level of the current domestic mainstream products; The vehicle also adopts a load sensitive variable hydraulic system, which saves more than 20% energy than the traditional bulldozer

go all out to make high-quality prototype offline

in June this year, the heat wave hit, and the trial production of syt7 prototype has reached a critical moment. In order to ensure the quality and quantity of the outsourced parts, all members of the project team go out to the outsourcing factory to coordinate the progress: the power team is in Hangzhou, the electrical team is in Changsha, the cab team is in Yangzhou, and the machine processing team is in Kunshan... Everyone performs their respective duties and cooperates with each other

the transmission power transmission system is the core of the bulldozer, and there should be no problems. The hydraulic power team almost stays at the manufacturing site of the outsourcing manufacturer in Hangzhou all the time. Each part, each process and each test are tracked, inspected and recorded by a specially assigned person. Since there was no suitable hydraulic transition plate on the market, liaodongbo, a member of the power team, designed it overnight and worked it out overnight

after the transmission power system was successfully rolled off the production line, the person in charge of the outsourcing factory sighed: "this is simply a miracle. The design and commissioning of the whole transmission system can only be completed in three months at the most, and sany just completed it in one month."

this is true for the transmission power system, as well as the processing and manufacturing of the frame and structural parts. Zhengfei, the leader of the structural parts team, was a fat guy. However, after running for a month, he lost 10 kg. The rack part needs Sany precision machine to help make it. Because the operators can't understand the drawings, Zheng Fei and Zhang Tianmao watched the processing site 24 hours a day for two consecutive weeks to guide the workers in processing and manufacturing

in the middle of June, syt7 entered the prototype assembly stage. In order to solve the problems on the assembly site as quickly as possible, the manufacturing department, the Research Institute, the Ministry of Commerce and other departments hold a scheduling meeting every morning and evening. All members of the project team track the whole process in the workshop and work continuously with the assembly workers. Yangyinjin joined Sany Heavy Industries in March this year and was assigned to the project team as an assembly engineer. He told: "this time, the assembly time is tight, the task is heavy, and most of the workers are inexperienced. We work together, teach little by little, and think of ways."

in order to ensure the smooth assembly, the whole company mobilized: the company leaders participated in the whole process of guidance and accompanied them to work overtime; Workshop workers go all out to offer advice; Colleagues from the human resources department try their best to provide logistics services... Perhaps the words of engineer Ma Kai speak out everyone's wishes: "administrative orders are like arrows in the wind. Syt China may prohibit or strictly restrict the import of recycled materials. 7 it has gathered everyone's efforts. The success or failure of heavy traffic depends on this one stroke. At this time, when we don't fight, when we fight."

finally, the first bulldozer of Sany went off the production line smoothly after only 8 months. In bursts of applause and admiration, the tight strings of the project team members did not relax. They knew that the next stage of debugging and testing was the time to really test them, and they were ready. (Sany liyingchang)

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