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Shandong Baichuan paper industry: the first case of counterfeit cigarette paper

in the conference room of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department, deputy director general Yu Chang'an told us the whole story of the first case of counterfeit cigarette paper in China. More than 2600 tons of cigarette tray paper were illegally produced, involving an amount of more than 31million yuan. Yu Changan frankly said that such a large-scale fraud is the first in China

At 15:00 on January 31 last year, workers were loading and unloading goods in front of Yuanyuan logistics distribution station in Qinglong market, Tai'an City, Shandong Province

as usual, a Jiefang car full of goods is ready to leave the distribution station. Suddenly, dozens of public security and tobacco inspectors fell from the sky and blocked the seemingly ordinary freight car. After inspection, 130 boxes of illegal cigarette paper were seized on the spot

after inquiry, the truck driver knew nothing about the goods. The only thing he knew was that the goods were pulled out of warehouse 2 of Tai'an Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd

On February 13 last year, Tai'an Public Security Bureau, after receiving the notification from the Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, immediately started the tobacco anti-counterfeiting cooperation mechanism and organized the police to inspect the Baichuan paper factory together with the tobacco inspectors

in the garage of Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd., the inspectors got another new harvest: 468 boxes of cigarette paper were seized

however, dongqiming, general manager of Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd., is obviously an old fox. Aware of the possible east window incident, dongqiming summoned his confidants overnight to form an offensive and defensive alliance and quickly destroy the evidence. In order to avoid the attack, dongqiming secretly ordered to copy back and convert the cigarette paper into pulp again

not only that, dongqiming also destroyed documentary evidence and physical evidence such as production records and warehouse in and warehouse out records of cigarette paper, and formatted computer hard disks for important posts such as production, sales and finance. Most of the direct evidence was lost

the key people who came to the surface led the four-level sales digital display semi-automatic impact testing machine

if there was a fraud, there must be a fake. Since the online work is difficult to break through in a short time, why not follow the line and dig the offline

among the many downlines, Jia Pengsheng is undoubtedly the most critical figure. Jiapengsheng, 59, was formerly the director of the Sales Department of Anhui paper factory. Said Li Sheng, leader of the public security detachment of Tai'an Public Security Bureau

after Baichuan paper's accident, Dong Qi's operation to restore the function of some spinal connective tissue clearly told jiapengsheng to go out to avoid the wind. After a month of sightseeing in Shanghai, jiapengsheng found that there was no news and went home quietly on april11,2007. Who knows, as soon as I stepped into my house, I was caught by the task force

the investigators who went to work on the three outer lines spent four months, traveled 50000 kilometers, questioned 132 witnesses and 187 relevant banks, and finally arrested 25 suspect one by one

so far, organized and large-scale criminal gangs that illegally produce and sell cigarette tray paper have emerged, with Baichuan paper as the first level of sales network, six suspect such as Jia Pengsheng and Chen Guangyao as the second level, and other hardness salespeople as the third and fourth levels

the inducement of windfall profits can earn 1.62 million yuan a day

the trend is to gradually refine more than 2600 tons of illegal cigarette paper involved in the 213 project, which can produce 890000 cases of cigarettes. Gaoliming explained that a large box is equivalent to 50000 cigarettes, and 890000 large boxes can produce 44.5 billion cigarettes. The annual output of Shandong cigarette factory is only 800000 boxes

why do you choose to illegally manufacture cigarette paper if you don't do a good business

these people are unprofitable and can not get up early. There are huge economic profits in manufacturing cigarette paper. Gaoliming, the leader of the task force, told us that a ton of ordinary paper sold for about 5000 yuan on the market, while a ton of cigarette paper could sell for 18000 yuan. The second workshop of Baichuan Paper Co., Ltd. has three shifts a day, with the output of 30 tons per shift. If you drive at full power, you can earn 1.62 million yuan a day

revelation of the case: concealment and anti beating ability enhanced

another important reason for choosing to illegally manufacture cigarette paper is the tightness and concealment of the whole network

2 13 the production, transportation and distribution network in the project covers 14 provinces and cities in China, such as Shandong, Anhui and Jiangsu. From the process of order collection, production organization, transportation and distribution, not only the internal division of labor is quite clear and the operation is connected by one line, but also each link has formed a sub network, which is "there in the middle" and "wired in the line"

gaoliming said that taking sunwei, who is specifically responsible for selling cigarette paper, as an example, she has three numbers, which are specially used to contact the offline single line. Baichuan paper also opened several accounts to receive cigarette paper remittance under false names in CCB, Agricultural Bank of China and industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and then entered the Baichuan account after multiple redepositions

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