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Huilong paint: the No. 1 brand of Chinese wood door paint was cut out. In 2003, when most paint enterprises were still expanding their product lines in order to occupy more market share of the whole paint market, Huilong paint did the opposite, using "a sharp knife to cut themselves to the blood", from the multi product line to the situation of three products, enduring the pain of that year, in exchange for long-term development. In the seven years of transformation, Huilong paint has gained the first brand in the field of wood door paint in China. However, those paint enterprises who laughed at Huilong paint's counter trend began to gradually realize that this is a wise way and want to seek transformation again. When chenhuiting, the helm of Huilong paint, always smiled and said, "the way of the market is sensitive. At this time, the transformation is too late and the price is too high.". On march29,2010, Huicong paint had the honor to invite Mr. chenhuiting, chairman of Huilong paint, to share the successful transformation experience of Huilong paint and the paint going to the countryside, which is also the first time that Mr. chenhuiting, who has always kept a low profile, has received an exclusive interview from the professional media of the industry

Huicong: in 2010, many enterprises in the paint industry spent a lot of money on brand promotion. For example, at the end of 2009, sankeshu spent more than 80 million to buy the Golden advertising space of CCTV, the cooperation between Burberry and the Chinese men's basketball team of 3million, and the renewal of the contract of "rebuilding the myth of beauty" between metus and jiangwenli. As the first brand in the wood door paint industry, Huilong also often leads the marketing concept of the industry. Excuse me, What is the brand promotion plan of Huilong paint this year

chenhuiting: Huilong was not promoted in 2010. Since the factory was opened in 1993, it has never left the furniture. It has always been more focused. We have split from the furniture paint, including today's wood door paint. Wood door paint and furniture paint are two different concepts. Many people now think that it is OK to apply and change the number. In fact, its functions and physical requirements for products are completely different. You can't move furniture around every day. Furniture requires high surface hardness. Wooden doors do not require as high surface hardness as furniture, but they require high adhesion. Now many of our peers outside have applied special paint for wooden doors. In fact, they have changed the furniture paint. However, since we entered the industrial chain of wooden doors in 2003, as a supplier and service provider, we have been helping Mongolia to focus on transforming its own advantages into economic advantages and development advantages. We have been committed to product development and adjustment by analyzing the differences between wood door paint and furniture paint. In fact, many of them have changed their packaging and appearance. They are also called wooden door paint. However, we started in 2003, and today is the seventh or eighth year. Especially after 2005, Huilong paint has established the furniture paint as the basis and made every effort to develop wood door paint. After 2005, we have been promoting products, services and brands in the wooden door industry, especially in this channel and in this professional field. So no matter for 10 years, Carpoly can do it, or three trees can do it. They have their reasons. They are right. As Huilong, we have always said that we should not follow this path, including many of our friends in paint enterprises and colleagues who seek celebrity endorsements. As Huilong, I said I would not, because more than 80% of us are used as paint for wooden doors, furniture and cabinets, Due to the different market structure of our downstream industrial chains, Saint Paul's aluminum sliding doors are well done, while wooden doors have only been started in the past two years. As a supplier of traditional automotive materials, we also provide services to obtain a good appearance, but we also provide them with more advanced knowledge of the wooden door industry. For example, in the management of WanJiaYuan, we not only sell paint and services, but also provide the best information to our service objects. So what Huilong wants to do is not to do what our peers do, but to promote the brand. Because our market structure is different, I am very focused on the wooden door industry. We have made great efforts to promote, including in the past 10 years. You see, in addition to the North-South dialogue on July 7 last year, the international door exhibition in Beijing on March 3 this year, and the Huilong paint cup wooden door model competition of Beijing China wooden door International Exhibition on April 15, these are actually some means of brand promotion in our professional field, So we don't consider saying that we are like our peers, such as sponsoring the official men's blue, or looking for a star to endorse. Because our main consumers are manufacturing enterprises, unlike them, they want to tell every consumer in the home decoration to buy my products, so the nature is different. In fact, we all have increased the promotion of brands, but where do you make use of them? Your efforts are used in the effect. We focus on the brand promotion in the wooden door industry chain

HC: the platform determines the communication value. What mode will Huilong paint choose in media selection this year

chenhuiting: we will choose two aspects. First, we will choose professional ones, such as wooden doors. There are professional media and activities to promote. On the other hand, we are also at a higher level, including now we are also choosing CCTV to make certain advertisements. At the same time, we are also using many platforms to promote our brand

in the past, Huilong was very introverted and low-key. Because we were very professional, we rarely promoted in the media and networks. We neither like nor show up. However, with the development of the enterprise, its popularity in the coating industry and in the wood industry group is also increasing. We can't afford it. Instead of sealing it so hard, it's better to let it develop naturally

HC: in 2003, Huilong cut down other product lines. What was your original intention to do so

chenhuiting: since 1997, there has been a common phenomenon in the coating industry. There are many brands. In the past, Huilong paint was the same. Since 2003, I have made up my mind to cut, and this knife is also very sharp. Endure the pain of that year in exchange for long-term development. In fact, in those years, many brands also hoped to occupy more market share, but it brought many sequelae. The competition in the market is endless. Different brands of an enterprise bargain with each other in the same market, which will ultimately hurt the interests of the enterprise in the long run. In 2003, we had fiveorsix brands at most. Four were lost and three were retained. In 2004, another brand was cut down. Today, two brands have been retained, one is Huilong, the other is caitumei. Caitumei is mainly used for home decoration. Huilong mainly retails furniture paint and image stores

HC: compared with most coating enterprises, Huilong coating is more professional and focused on the field of wood door paint. What is the uniqueness of Huilong coating in brand promotion

chenhuiting: just now we talked about multi brand, price theory, no core. Resources are scattered, and advertising costs are so much. For example, one son and two sons must be well nurtured. How to cultivate sixorseven sons? After taking care of the eldest son, the second son has some opinions. They can't be raised well and are unhealthy. So at that time, we endured the pain, and it didn't matter that the short-term sales decreased. For long-term development. At that time, it was determined that four were cut down in 2003. Keep Huilong and Caitu beauty. Huilong still focuses on furniture paint, while Caitu beauty focuses on home decoration paint. Focus on the promotion of Huilong brand. After seven years from 2003 to 10, we have deliberately cultivated the brand Huilong. At the same time, we are also very focused on its development in the wood door industry. Our accuracy today and in the future: level 0.5 will be mainly Huilong. Another color painting beauty will gradually change it. Maybe it will be eliminated in the near future

HC: according to our market research and colleagues in the door and window industry, Huilong paint has become a synonym for wood door paint. What do you think about this

chenhuiting: if Huilong is the representative of wood door paint, or if the brand is the symbol, I dare not say so. However, we have an opportunity. In 2003, we triumphed with Carl. The popularity is very high, and Runcheng is the leader in China. In 2003, they began to set up enterprises and entered the industrial cluster of wooden doors. The birth of Carl Kaixuan is also the beginning of Huilong's entry into the wood door industry. The cooperation with Carl Kaixuan, and finally with WanJiaYuan, which is one of the leading enterprises of today's wood door enterprises, has a very high reputation in the wood door industry of wood door technology and coating technology. So I have said for a long time that in front of many bosses in Beijing, Huilong's origin in the wooden door industry is Carl triumph, and its development is WanJiaYuan. To develop Huilong's brand at a higher level is dreamtime and Runcheng. Because these are the leaders of the industry. We are all working together. In 2003, the cooperation with Carl triumph entered this industry. In 2005, we cooperated with WanJiaYuan, which brought Huilong to a highway. In 2007, we began to cooperate with Mengtian and later with Runcheng Chuangzhan, which established Huilong's popularity in the wooden door manufacturing industry. Today, we cooperate with our brothers in Changchun and Longjia in Tianjin, which are the leaders in the wooden door industry. More than 50% of the top 30 Chinese wooden doors are served by Huilong. Because Huilong has friendly cooperation with these leading enterprises in this field, we have provided better coating services. It brought them a battlefield. One is to improve production efficiency. We don't take the price to compete, because many coating enterprises do it at a low price. Often, enterprises with much lower prices will not lose money. It is easy to have problems when the quality reaches the zero price point. We provide good products and better services. Through the coating process to help these enterprises reduce costs. It doesn't mean that things with very low prices will compete. In recent years, we have a coating process that meets the requirements of rubber elastomer fatigue test. We use good products and processes to cooperate with them, guide them, change their original traditional processes, reduce the rework rate and improve the pass rate, thus reducing the cost. Because we have done a lot of work, the enterprises I mentioned just now feel that it is trustworthy to cooperate with Huilong, and they recognize Huilong paint. With the cooperation with these leaders, our popularity in the industrial cluster of wooden doors has become higher and higher. We still win by quality service, not by price. We provide different process options for different wood materials and according to different enterprise requirements. To achieve better coating performance. Therefore, they are also happy to provide us with services. We have large representative wooden door enterprises cooperating in every place, which has helped us promote the development of wooden door sales to a great extent

HC: Unfortunately, according to the understanding of HC paint, wood paint has been determined not to appear in the product catalogue of paint going to the countryside. Mr. Chen, do you think that

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