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PDJ type high balance crane product description and main technical parameters

PDJ type high balance crane is a new type of material lifting equipment, with rated lifting capacity of 50kg, 100kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 800kg and 1000kg. The working radius is generally 2500mm, and the maximum lifting height is 1500mm. It adopts a unique screw lifting mechanism, and uses the simple cooperation of manual and motor to form a composite movement to carry the lifting objects, so that the lifting objects can stay stably at any position in the operation section at any time as required, and has a safe and reliable overload protection and limit protection device. PDJ type balance crane has reasonable design, convenient operation, reliable operation and simple maintenance. It is widely applicable to the assembly of upper and lower parts processed by machine tools, parts between processes, as well as the short-distance, high-frequency, early and intensive lifting operations of the national FRP tensile testing machine in various occasions such as stations, docks, warehouses, heat treatment workshops, etc. The operation of the balance crane is very simple. Use the button to jog the motor to make the lifted object rise and fall vertically for days; Manually push and pull the lifting objects, hangers or directly push and pull the workpiece to make it move horizontally, or rotate around the column to the working position required for lifting. According to your needs, you can choose PDJ high type or PAJ low type balance crane to meet the needs of different places with stable loading performance

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