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Pay more attention to these details, and the gearbox can live for several years

each of the three major parts of the automobile engine, gearbox and chassis is very important. Once there is a problem, it can be either overhauled or directly scrapped. The development of China's plastic machinery is attracting special attention all over the world. Therefore, many car owners are very concerned about the protection of these three major items, but sometimes some inadvertent practices are likely to cause fatal damage to them. Today, uncle Che will discuss with you about the use and maintenance of the gearbox to see if your usual driving style has damaged the gearbox

▌ do not pay attention to the replacement of transmission oil

I believe all car owners know that after the vehicle has driven a certain number of kilometers, the oil should be replaced to avoid unnecessary damage to the engine. However, many people may ignore the detection and replacement of the transmission oil, because they may not know how often the transmission oil needs to be replaced. The structure of manual transmission is different from that of automatic transmission, and the frequency of changing transmission oil is also different. However, for both manual and automatic models, there will be problems if the transmission oil is not replaced for a long time, because the transmission oil is prone to qualitative change and volatilization in the high-temperature environment for a long time, which will accelerate the friction of the mechanical parts of the transmission, and may even directly lead to the damage of the parts, with unimaginable consequences

in addition, without changing the transmission oil, there will be phenomena such as weak starting when the car is cold, and there may also be a slight slip after driving. If the transmission oil is used for too long, it will become very thick, which is very easy to cause the transmission heat dissipation to be blocked, thus the temperature will rise, and if it is serious, it will be directly scrapped. Therefore, you must pay attention to the replacement of transmission oil in the process of daily car maintenance

▌ shift to low gear during high-speed driving

many novice drivers have encountered the situation of directly reducing the gear of the transmission from high to low during high-speed driving, especially for manual transmission models. This kind of operation is very harmful to the transmission, because after suddenly switching to a low gear, the transmission will bear huge torque and impact, which is likely to damage internal parts. The function of the experimental machine determines its application. Even automatic models also have low gears. The computer control program of the automatic transmission has a memory function, which directly switches to low gears during high-speed driving, destroying the original logic of the transmission and accelerating the wear of gears

▌ the transmission stays in gear d for a long time

many users of automatic transmission models will be confused about one thing, that is, when parking and waiting for the traffic light, whether to put on the brake in gear d or put on the hand brake in gear n. Che uncle believes that as long as it is a short pause, there is no problem with these two methods. However, if you park for a long time and shift to gear d, there will be problems. If you step on the brake pedal, your feet will feel tired. It will also make the transmission oil temperature rise, and the transmission oil will easily deteriorate, which will also affect the transmission heat dissipation

▌ n-gear coasting of automatic transmission vehicles

an old topic, neutral coasting of manual transmission vehicles will not save fuel, because now it is ECU computer control and electronic fuel injection mode. Although this has no fuel saving effect, it will not cause any damage to the manual transmission. However, if you change to an automatic transmission, it is not so simple. When driving at high speed or going downhill, you may burn the transmission by shifting the shift lever to gear n and sliding. At this time, the output shaft speed of the transmission is very high, while the engine is idling, the oil supply of the transmission oil pump is insufficient, and the lubrication condition is deteriorated. Moreover, for the multi plate clutch inside the transmission, although the power has been cut off, its passive plate runs at a high speed driven by the wheel, which is easy to cause resonance and slip, resulting in adverse consequences

▌ the vehicle shifts into reverse gear before it stops completely

many car owners will drive and reverse in a hurry when they are in a hurry. Even when the vehicle is still in a forward trend, NCC developers have completed a series of experiments, and then shift the transmission into R gear, which is very harmful to the transmission. Because doing so will produce an instant "reverse rotation pressure" to push the reverse clutch plate, and it is not far to scrap the gearbox in the long run

▌ start the engine in a gear other than gear P or gear n

many models now have automatic start and stop functions. Although this high-tech configuration is convenient and fuel-efficient, it will also bring some problems, such as automatic flameout. After flameout, the owner starts the engine without paying attention to the gear other than gear P or gear n, so he won't see anything on the surface, But it may burn out the neutral start switch of the transmission. Because the automatic transmission is equipped with a neutral start switch, the transmission can only start the engine in P or n gear, so as to avoid making the car start and move forward immediately in case of false start in other gears

▌ the front wheels are off the ground when towing

no matter what kind of car it is, it will always be unable to move. At this time, it will need the help of the trailer to take it to the repair shop for major health care. However, when towing, you also need to pay attention to the protection of the gearbox, and do not let the front wheels of the vehicle off the ground, especially for the rear drive type. When the vehicle is towed, the oil pump of the transmission stops working, and all parts lack lubrication. When the driving wheel is dragged, it will drive the gearbox, causing damage to the gearbox due to temperature rise

as a daily means of transportation, cars provide us with a lot of convenience and save a lot of time. A well maintained car will also reduce a lot of trouble for us. Therefore, we should master correct and effective driving habits when driving a car, so as to avoid unnecessary damage to our car and delay our precious time

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