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Yanyang technology 5.25 "embedded motherboard has launched a new product PCM

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pcm-8150 is the third generation fanless solution developed by Yanyang technology. Compared with the previous 5.25" single board computer, pcm-8150 has made greater improvements in low power consumption and high performance. We believe that pcm-8150 is the best choice for customers with higher requirements such as excellent processing ability under low power consumption control.

pcm-8150 supports Intel Celeron m600mhz processor, or Pentium M or celerer based on socket479 On M processor, up to 1.8GHz. As an innovative product, pcm-8150 adopts Intel's latest low-power platform and has excellent performance. It is specially developed for fan free, low power consumption and applications requiring single voltage input (only +5v input can work)

pcm-8150 supports fast ddr266mhz system memory, with a maximum of 1GB, providing high computing and graphics processing capabilities and extremely low power consumption. This feature enables the research to sort out the key core technologies faced by the field of civil aircraft materials. It is very suitable for video, automatic controller and multimedia applications. In addition to excellent CPU performance, pcm-8150 also provides multi display function, which allows users to display different contents on crt/lcd, crt/tv, crt/d at room temperature without decomposing VI, lcd/tv and lcd/dvi. This feature opens up a shortcut to realize dual display and synchronous display. Pcm-8150 is definitely the most efficient motherboard you can find at present

pcm-8150 provides an ATA controller interface, which can support two ATAPI settings. The capital is the blood of the enterprise; USB2.0 main controller can support up to 4 USB ports; 8 digital i/o and support watchdog monitoring timer. In addition, high-quality LCD display resolution can be achieved through the powerful 48/24/18-bitlvds. Its expansion interface includes 1 Mini PCI, 1 PCI and 2 typeiipcmcia ports. At the same time, the on-board Intel 82551 Ethernet controller can achieve 10/100mbps transmission rate

pcm-8150 is an ideal choice for high efficiency, energy saving, low power consumption and comfortable multimedia playback function requirements. Pcm-8150 is undoubtedly the most perfect choice for environment-friendly applications

main features of the product:

· on board Intel Pentium M, Celeron m600mhz processor

· 48 bit dual channel lvdstftlcd

· 10/100mbps Fast Ethernet

· ac-973d surround 5.1 channel stereo

· support typeiicompactflash memory

after all · 4com/4usb2.0/pcmcia/tv-out/dvi/digital i/o

· +5v input voltage operation

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