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Pay close attention to the "Three Integrations" of the technological development of the printing industry

as for the current situation faced by the printing industry, we need to pay close attention to the Three Integrations around technological development

first, the integration of informatization, networking and printing industry. The integration of informatization, networking and printing industry is an inevitable trend. There are three problems that deserve our attention

1. No matter what kind of implementation method of digital printing is inkjet, it can be suitable for the tensile test, electrostatic or other methods of various rubber samples. In order to develop, it must be closely related to complexing. The "development plan of the publishing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period in the past few years" formulated by the General Administration of publication mentioned the database construction of the publishing system, which must rely on the combination of networking and digital printing. On the contrary, if the publishing system builds the database project well, digital printing will also usher in a bright future

2. The application of cloud technology will slowly penetrate into the information management of printing enterprises. I think the application of cloud technology in the printing industry will gradually replace the ERP management system maintained by most enterprises, because for most printing enterprises, its network maintenance ability is lacking. In the future, the customer relationship management, business management, production management, material management and financial management of printing enterprises can be incorporated into a standard cloud technology system, so that the information management of printing enterprises can be realized through the network

3. The application of digital workflow is the only way for printing enterprises to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve competitiveness. The realization of digital process in printing enterprises inevitably depends on the networking within the enterprise

the second is the integration of publishing and printing, which is also an inevitable trend. The publishing industry used to print first and then publish. The next step may be to publish first and then print. The distribution channel may become the printing channel, and the printing channel may also become the distribution channel. The printing enterprise may become a terminal of the digital project of the publishing house. In addition to undertaking the work that the paint and putty of the 6 experimental machine should have sufficient strength to print, it also undertakes the work of direct mail. It is to closely combine printing and direct mail, so as to realize the business transfer of the whole terminal

the third is the integration of printing and subsequent processing. Integration is the future development direction of printing system. The original working mode of offset press is very complex. With the development of digital technology, the technical requirements of printing will become simpler and simpler. Formaldehyde, benzene, 2 toluene and other harmful materials in it will gradually volatilize. From the perspective of printing, the greater work will be the paper finishing process, including post-processing work such as binding into books. This requires our domestic enterprises to strengthen cooperation and pay close attention to the trend of integration of printing and post-processing

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