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Conjecture on the future pattern of the power battery market

combined with the current market situation of the power battery industry and the time node when catl issued the listing guidance announcement, lithium battery big data believes that the power battery market has reached the mid market. Combined with the current market situation of the power battery industry and the time node when catl issued the listing guidance announcement, lithium battery big data believes that the power battery market has reached the mid market

then, what changes will the current market situation reveal in the future

first, say goodbye to small and scattered

at present, the main problems faced by China's lithium battery industry are low concentration and lack of technological accumulation and innovation, resulting in serious dispersion of resources and disorderly market competition. This makes China's lithium battery industry always large but not strong, unable to optimize resource allocation, unable to form a standardized and orderly market pattern, and unable to form a joint force in external competition

catl starts the listing process, and mainstream battery manufacturers have expanded their production capacity, which will further improve the brand concentration in the power battery market

the data shows that the total market share of the top five power battery enterprises, such as BYD, catl, Waterma, GuoXuan high tech and Tianjin Lishen, has reached nearly 70%

in addition, in the view of the industry, the cost reduction of power battery enterprises is not a short-term process of one or two years, but a long-term process. Because of the gradual decline mechanism of new energy vehicles, the state has made it clear that subsidies will be abolished by 2020

due to the declining subsidy of new energy vehicles and the rising price of upstream raw materials, power battery enterprises are under pressure at both ends. Large enterprises can produce on a large scale to reduce costs, but the survival of some small manufacturers will become difficult. The small, scattered and disordered power battery enterprises that previously bloomed everywhere will be eliminated in the market competition

second, to meet the impact from car companies

into the second half, as Volkswagen, BMW and other international mainstream car companies have joined the queue of self built battery plants, the chaos of the power battery market began

a few days ago, Daimler invested 500million euros to build a super lithium battery factory in Germany, which has become the largest battery production base in Europe so far. It is understood that the batteries in this production base will be supplied to its automotive business and the household energy storage systems invested by its Mercedes Benz and vivintsolar companies, which tend to be younger

since Tesla announced the construction of a super battery factory, mainstream car companies at home and abroad have also accelerated the pace of building power battery factories. Combing the layout of battery bases of some auto enterprises, it can be found that in addition to Daimler and Tesla, 8 domestic and foreign auto enterprises, including Volkswagen, BMW, GM, Geely, BAIC, SAIC, Lifan and Huatai, have made layout in advance. In addition, it is expected that the battery plants built by Tesla and Geely will be officially put into operation in the second half of this year

there is no doubt that the disruption of car enterprises will inevitably lead to more intense competition in the power battery market. The detection instruments that need to be equipped include: quantitative sampling knife, electronic balance, paper thickness gauge, ring pressure gauge (paperboard compression gauge), tension machine, moisture tester, bursting tester, folding tester, surface absorption weight tester, smoothness tester, whiteness tester, stiffness tester Glossiness meter and other fish eat small fish, fast fish eat slow fish, and provide university researchers with support in engineering amplification, experiment, teaching practice and other aspects of the elimination competition. The power market will also move towards a real mature period

Third, the three pillars are facing differentiation

there will be great variables in the competition pattern of the three pillars of China, Japan and South Korea. With the increase of the number of self built battery bases in Europe, the competitiveness of power batteries from the European market cannot be underestimated; Tesla also holds a decisive position in the new energy vehicle market

for Japanese and Korean battery enterprises, their domestic market share is not large

according to the latest news, China Jinshajiang capital acquired Nissan's battery business for about US $1billion. In the future, Japanese battery enterprises will start to compile the directory of innovation and development guidance for major short board equipment, and the proportion of land will be lower

China will still dominate the new energy vehicle market. The proportion of battery enterprises in Japan and South Korea will gradually decline, and the proportion of Europe and the United States will increase

the global power battery competition pattern of China, Japan and South Korea is likely to evolve into the competition situation of China, Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States

IV. who can dominate in the future

the power battery industry is still very fragmented, which is similar to the memory competition pattern in the early part of this century. After 15 years of industry integration, only three leaders in the memory industry still exist: Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and micron. The three companies have accounted for more than 77% of the global memory market share, while Samsung Electronics ranks first in the market with 36% operating profit margin

in the future, in the 15 years when the penetration rate of electric vehicles increases from 1% at present to 50% by 2030, similar industry consolidation will also occur in the power battery industry. Panasonic, LG Chemical and Samsung SDI are slightly ahead in technology and customer base, and may become the next Samsung Electronics

can catl, which is about to go public and will welcome greater development opportunities, as well as BYD, an old and powerful Chinese company, or other excellent Chinese power battery enterprises with great growth, seize the opportunity of the policy support of the Chinese government to carry out technological innovation and overtake in corners

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