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Bob Agnes, senior vice president of mitel, gave a speech preview of "Mindy's application and digital transformation"

the spring exhibition of 2017 China call center and enterprise communication conference hosted by CTI forum will be held in Beijing from March 23 to 24. This conference will take shaping the future technology and improving communication experience as the theme, and focus on enterprise communication, call center, next-generation communication architecture and other topics to show a variety of cutting-edge technologies, Continue to promote the development of ICT industry and timely reflect the latest trends of industrial development. Bob Agnes, senior vice president and President of Enterprise Department of mitel, will attend the meeting and deliver the keynote speech "Mindy's application and digital transformation". The speech time: Thursday, March 23, 14:: 00

see the conference officer for details:

Introduction to Bob Agnes, senior vice president and President of Enterprise Department of mitel

Bob Agnes is senior vice president and President of Enterprise Department of mitel, responsible for leading the continuous strengthening and growth of important basic businesses of the company

before taking up his current position, Bob became the senior vice president and general manager of Asia Pacific Operations Department of mitel, focusing on implementing the company's strategy in this important region

Bob has worked in global telecom enterprises for more than 30 years, achieved remarkable performance, and has deep experience in successfully achieving business growth. He has repeatedly created excellent performance in achieving excellent financial performance and profitability, facilitating strategic business acquisitions and building an efficient management team

at the beginning of his career, Bob worked as a software engineer at Hamilton standards, a subsidiary of UTC. He joined Tech in 1985 as a sales engineer. In the following 21 years, he held many positions in tech, including the heads of several key business departments. Bob's leadership positions in tech include vice president and general manager of video business unit, vice president and general manager of Tech Berlin, head of sales and operations business unit in Asia Pacific region, and deputy general manager of strategic planning

before joining tech, Bob served as the president of Lectra S.A. in Asia Pacific; Senior vice president, global sales and marketing, X-Rite America; Senior vice president of worldwide marketing; Partminer worldwide Asia Pacific General Manager

Bob received an associate of Science in Electrical Engineering (ASEE) from Hartford State Institute of Technology (Hartford, Conn.) and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Connecticut School of engineering. He also received an MBA from George Fox University (Newcastle, Oregon)

introduction to mindI communication

mindI communication (nasdaq:mitl; tsx:mnw) helps enterprises contact, collaborate and serve customers. More than 2billion communications are carried out through us every day, including more than 33 million cloud connections every day, making mindI communication the fastest-growing cloud communication provider in the world. As an expert in the field of commercial communication, we work closely with more than 2500 channel partners in more than 100 countries and regions around the world to provide 60million users with excellent commercial communication solutions to meet their communication needs in an all-round way. With this brilliant performance, our market share in Europe, the Middle East and Africa ranks first, and we have been rated by Garter as the leader of commercial communication and therefore the high cost of complete machines

on January 30, 2014, mitel successfully completed the merger of theoretical research and corresponding practical utilization division (ATI) with aastra Telecom. Aastra Telecom's mx-one TS integrated communication system (continuing the former Ericsson Enterprise Communication Department), which combines the world's leading switching technology, network technology, mobile communication technology and IP technology, has become a dual performance soft switch system with packet switching and circuit switching terminal and relay functions to support voice, data, multimedia applications and IP based and group services, and provide customers with services including IP applications Integrated communication solutions for mobile applications and various other enterprise applications

after the merger of the two companies, the new company is called mitel network company (MNC). The company will continue to provide rich unified communication (UCC) solutions for enterprise communication customers worldwide, and actively develop enterprise cloud communication services (cloud) and enterprise mobile enterprise communication services and solutions

as a wholly-owned subsidiary of mitel networks in China, aastra communication technologies (Beijing) Company Limited was officially renamed mitel communication technologies (Beijing) Company Limited) on November 18, 2015. Headquartered in Beijing, mindI communication technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., together with more than 20 partners across the country, jointly provides comprehensive integrated enterprise communication solutions for new and old customers, and maximizes the protection of customers' early-stage investment

Mindy communication technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of business systems, collaboration and contact center solutions, which can meet the communication needs from the smallest enterprise to the largest enterprise - including cloud communication and local deployment communication. At the same time, the R & D center in Shanghai provides a full range of technical support and localization capabilities

products and services provided:

traditional products - mxone/solidus, MCD 3300

converged communication (UC) - micollab

Customer Contact Center - MICC

Enterprise Cloud communication - micloud

mobile small and Micro Enterprise Cloud communication - micloud telepo

serialized terminal products - what are the uses and functional characteristics of UC3 anchorage fatigue testing machine 60, Resale of UC app and other

Enterprise Cloud communication services

Mindy communication technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

address: 208, 2nd floor, Zhaowei building, No. 14 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing



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