The hottest waterproof market is booming

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The waterproof market is booming

in recent three years, the application of building waterproof materials with a conductivity of 0.01s/cm in China has increased steadily, especially new waterproof materials. According to preliminary investigation and estimation, the curve of material fracture process shows that the application of new waterproof materials in China has increased from 30% of the total in 1999 to 38% in 2001. Among them, SBS and APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials, which are listed as the preferred and recommended leading products of national chemical building materials, have reached 70million square meters in 2001, 45million square meters of polymer waterproof coiled materials, 200000 tons of waterproof coatings, and about 12million square meters of other waterproof materials. The growth of asphalt waterproof flexible coiled material based on composite tire is faster, which is estimated to have reached 200million square meters

most of the modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials are SBS modified asphalt coiled materials, but many manufacturers add insufficient SBS or add rubber powder to reduce the cost. APP modified asphalt waterproof coiled material is limited due to the import of raw materials, and the consumption has not increased significantly. Polyester based products have grown rapidly, accounting for more than 80% of app and SBS modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials

The sales volume of EPDM in polymer waterproof coiled materials has increased to a certain extent, and the sales volume in 2001 was about 5million square meters; PVC increased rapidly, with an estimated sales volume of 8million square meters; CPE waterproof coiled material remains unchanged, and the sales volume is about

10million square meters; The fastest-growing is polyethylene/polypropylene composite waterproof membrane, with an estimated sales volume of 20million square meters

The sales volume of new waterproof coatings in 2001 was about 80000 tons, including 30000 tons of polyurethane waterproof coatings and 20000 tons of acrylate waterproof coatings (including polymer cement waterproof coatings); The sales volume of modified asphalt waterproof coating decreased; The state has issued policies to prohibit the use of coal tar oil waterproof coatings (including plastic ointments), and its application has been curbed

In recent years, some cities have implemented the "flat to slope" project, which has promoted the development of asphalt felt tiles. Some foreign enterprises, especially some American companies, have come to China to promote their products. In addition, some manufacturers in China have also introduced foreign equipment to supply this product. The sales volume has increased sharply. It is estimated that the sales volume in 2001 was about 4million square meters

the proportion of waterproof construction area in the building area has increased (see table). The cost of waterproof engineering has increased. The overall average cost of waterproof works is 50.6, and the distance between equal division marks should be 10 mm7 yuan/square meter; The overall average cost of roof engineering is 52.64 yuan/square meter; The overall average cost of underground engineering is 58.78 yuan/square meter; The average cost of the indoor kitchen and bathroom project is 48.1. The data shows that it is 7 yuan/square meter

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