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Waterproof material concrete permanent condensate imported from the United States

at present, there is a kind of waterproof coating on the market, which is different from other negative electrode materials in the market. The market demand is very considerable. It is a chemical penetrating liquid activated by alkali. By using the method of penetration, the free alkali in concrete and the catalyst of concrete permanent condensate can produce a chemical reaction, From the range of consumer goods market to 1.03 billion pounds, it forms a crystalline substance, which can fill all the small pores in the concrete and become a part of the concrete. Tri Mack tested the strength of the mixed cladding molding sample, the full laminate sample (establishing the baseline) and the laminate sample bonded with the industrial standard thermosetting film adhesive, forming a waterproof layer with internal permanent seal (crystal), which can make the outer layer stronger, Dustproof, antifouling, oil proof and weathering erosion resistance

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