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The eye-catching technology of printing engineering

with the requirements of the printing market, the short delivery time and the progress of small batch, the competition tends to intensify, and it is difficult to stop the low price. Therefore, in order to cope with the evolution of the market environment, printing enterprises intend to establish a production system with the goal of complete rationalization. At the same time, there are also issues that the awareness of environmental protection must be taken into account in production. In view of this, let's choose a few technologies that deserve priority attention in printing production engineering

unique ink fountain device

at the international printing equipment exhibition held in Japan in 2005, a unique ink fountain that can be installed on the ink supply device of the printing machine appeared. Although the key of its ink bucket roller is fixed, its ink transfer roller is divided. The separate ink rollers outside are driven by air pressure to contact the ink bucket roller, and the ink supply is adjusted according to its contact width

there is a special software for ink control, which can simultaneously micro adjust the patterns in printing and the ink supply data that is only 20% higher than the current ordinary plastic. In addition, the cleaning of the ink bucket is also very simple. Cover the whole ink bucket with a roll of film similar to polyethylene wrapping paper. When cleaning the ink bucket, scrape the film stained with ink with an ink scraper, and then replace it with the film rolled on the coiling device

this device can be installed on machines such as sheet fed printer, trademark printer, beverage can printer, commercial form printer, etc. In this way, the ink supply can be stabilized, and the waste pages in the printing process can be reduced, so as to improve the operation efficiency

roll to sheet related to cost saving

in the paper feeding part of the sheet fed printer, a device for resuming paper from the web to the printer can be used. This is the use of a paper cutter to cut according to the set size. With the raw ore export ban in 2014 in effect in Indonesia, China's aluminum enterprises still need a large number of single sheets of aluminum ore to continue the paper structure in order to increase the export of semi-finished aluminum products. It was originally developed by Europe and the United States. The background of its development is that Europe and the United States do not have a logistics system that can simply provide all kinds of paper like Japan, mainly because of the cost reduction of waste and the corresponding failure of the paper feeding device. The evaluation made by the imported printing enterprises is that they can cut paper reasonably

the more this device is used for mass work or operations using the same size of paper, the cost can be saved and the productivity can be improved. At the same time, it does not spend the time of stacking paper, and the operation efficiency will be naturally improved

water-based bright oil that is expected to expand its new business

Heidelberg Japan company provides a 10 color printing machine s PE e d Ma s t ersm102 that can print both sides with one pass and can be coated with water-based bright oil. In principle, water-based bright oil belongs to alcohols, which is not considered to be miscible with oily inks, but coating water-based bright oil is considered to be a highly imaginative topic. Europe has long had materials suitable for this method, which Japan did not have in the past. Recently, ink manufacturers have developed a new type of water-based bright oil that can be applied on oily ink and dried by IR

the structure is that when it is necessary to apply water-based bright oil, remove the automatic cleaning device of rubber blanket and replace the water-based bright oil coating device. Then IR drying is carried out at the receiving part after the 5th

drum and the 10th drum

this kind of water-based bright oil printing with one-off paper on both sides can reduce bumps and dirt on the printing surface. Its biggest advantage is that compared with the use of UV ink, it adapts to the short delivery period with low cost and shortened drying time, which is expected to carry out new business projects

the printing function of special raw materials has expanded business activities

Komori printing machinery Co., Ltd. provides a printing machine lithrone S40 that can print on special printing materials such as evaporated paper, transparent raw materials, biochemical paper, etc., which is eye-catching

because of the time-consuming drying of common oily inks, UV inks are mostly used for special printing materials. When UV ink is used, the structure of the printing machine is also different from that of the oily ink. Need UV special edition, ink roller, Ao Hong expressed his gratitude for the trust and support given by the customer, ink cleaning solution, UV lamp, etc. As for the printing of special printing materials, due to the poor absorption of ink and fountain solution, it is easy to cause emulsification, so we should also work hard on the water supply device. Once the printing enterprise has this special printing machine, the scope of business activities can be extended and the trouble of price competition can be avoided

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