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Waterproof ink-jet printing helps discs achieve ultra-high waterproof effect

optical quantum has newly developed a waterproof ink-jet printing cd/DVD/B1 automotive interior products, which are first injected with thermoplastic D disc production line. Optical quantum's liquid defense (oqbp) waterproof printable optical disc is the leader in the field of optical disc printing. The introduction of liquid defense (oqbp) products has brought a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of optical disc inkjet printing

the oqbp waterproof printable optical disc surface adopts new nanotechnology, which ensures the printing effect of the optical disc surface and achieves the functions of waterproof and scratch proof at the same time

before that, the traditional printable optical disc will fade and the color will be dissolved by water due to contact with water. Oqbp waterproof printable disc changed all this. Provide up to 4800dpi printable coating, and the surface rendering effect of the disc is unparalleled. After the disc is printed, the surface is immediately dry and has an efficient waterproof effect. Of course, in addition to its brilliant waterproof printing surface, oqbp waterproof printable CD-ROM provides users with the best reliability, the highest standard of replay ability and long-term storage life of the high molecular material anti-aging additives project to be invested in Zhuhai Economic and Technological Development Zone

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