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Waterborne mechanical coatings will become an important part of the industry

waterborne mechanical coatings will become an important part of the industry

In the early 1990s, China's construction machinery industry entered a period of rapid development, and a large number of excellent enterprises entered the international, comprehensive and large-scale development. After years of unremitting efforts, today, we can see that China's construction machinery industry has been growing

the rapid development of the construction machinery industry has gradually brought the construction machinery coatings into line with international standards in terms of product structure, technical level and coating process, and the production and sales of coatings have also increased significantly. Since 2011, China has become one of the countries with the largest production and sales of construction machinery in the world. China plans to focus on promoting the construction of 150 major water conservancy projects from 2020 to 2022, with a total investment of about 1.29 trillion yuan and a driving investment of about 6.6 trillion yuan. Under the background of loose monetary policy and the continuous promotion of "two new and one heavy" related projects, the infrastructure and real estate industries are highly prosperous, and the sustainability of the boom cycle of the construction machinery industry is expected to exceed expectations., It can be said that construction machinery coatings have become an extremely important part of China's coating industry

classification of construction machinery coatings

of course, it is necessary for us to have a corresponding understanding of the classification of construction machinery coatings. If divided according to the coating, it can be divided into primer, intermediate coat and finish coat

primer is a basic coating applied to the surface of objects for priming. Construction machinery, especially large-scale construction machinery, generally operates in the open air, directly contacts with air, moisture and impurities, and bears the wind and sun. Some construction conditions are poor. The adhesion and corrosion resistance of the film mainly depend on this primer

intermediate coating is a coating that plays a connecting role between primer and finish. The main function is to fill the bottom substrate, isolate the defects of the primer layer, improve the fullness of the finish coat and other decorative properties, enhance the adhesion of the finish coat to the coating, increase the thickness of the whole supporting coating, and improve the water resistance and corrosion resistance of the whole coating. For parts with low decorative requirements and parts with good surface flatness of substrate, intermediate coating can be avoided, so as to reduce the cost of construction machinery products. The commonly used intermediate coating includes epoxy intermediate coating and polyurethane intermediate coating, which will reach 1.5 million tons by 2020

finish is the "coat" of construction machinery products, which plays a decisive role in appearance and directly affects people's visual senses. It should be noted that at present, the types of construction machinery topcoats have been diversified

construction machinery coating technology and products

coatings and supporting systems mainly used in construction machinery

characteristics and types of construction machinery primer

primer is the most basic coating in construction machinery coatings, which is directly constructed on the pretreated iron plate surface

the primer on construction machinery must have the following characteristics: good adhesion to the substrate, and the film formed after construction should have excellent mechanical strength; At the same time, it also needs to have a good compatibility with the upper coating - the primer itself has good construction performance, and can adapt to different kinds of coating processes

commonly used construction machinery paint primers include epoxy ester primer, alkyd primer, epoxy primer, acrylic primer, polyurethane primer and cathodic electrophoresis primer. According to the different uses of primers, common primers include: oil resistant primer, antirust primer, weldable workshop primer, etc

anti rust primer is used for anti rust protection of common metal parts and has good compatibility with the lower coating: oil resistant primer is mainly used near hydraulic parts, and the coating is required to have good resistance to oil, hydraulic oil and other oils. The weldable workshop primer is used as the primer for temporary rust prevention after the pretreatment of the substrate and before the formal primer is coated. The coating is required to have good weldability. The construction coating is generally in UM

according to the components of the primer, it is divided into two-component primer and one component primer. One component engineering primer is prone to undercut and reduce adhesion when applying solvent based topcoat, so at present, two-component epoxy primer has become the mainstream supporting scheme

requirements of construction machinery for primer

primer is the premise of durability and beauty of finish paint. The quality of primer is an important factor affecting the appearance of finish paint. Primer with poor performance may even appear peeling and cracking. Therefore, the selection and construction of primer are very important. We can choose primer of construction machinery from the following aspects

anti corrosion performance

construction machinery is basically stored in the open air and operated outdoors, and some even operate in the environment of high humidity, high temperature and high salt, so the anti-corrosion performance of the coating is very important for the service cycle and good appearance of construction machinery to solve the problem of skid. Its main performance tests include water resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, salt water resistance and other related standards and methods. For hydraulic parts, the performance of resisting all kinds of hydraulic oil is the most important. Otherwise, after the film is eroded, the film falling off into the hydraulic oil is likely to lead to the failure of the hydraulic system, which will affect the daily operation of construction machinery. The primer sprayed on the surface of heated parts must have good heat resistance, otherwise the film on the heated parts will fall off, causing the parts in this part to be directly exposed to the air, thus accelerating the corrosion rate of construction machinery

mechanical properties

the mechanical properties of construction machinery primer mainly include impact strength, hardness, adhesion, flexibility and other properties. If the mechanical property of the primer is not very good, the coating film is easy to be damaged in the production, shipping and working process of parts or machinery, thus losing the anti-corrosion property of the primer


the anti-corrosion performance, mechanical properties and other properties of the primer must be constructed through the primer and realized after drying and film forming. Its workability will also affect the production efficiency, cost and appearance quality of construction machinery. The construction performance of the primer is mainly manifested in surface drying, solid drying, leveling, covering power of the coating and construction adaptation period. The drying time of primer is too long or high drying temperature is required, which will affect the spraying time of the lower coating, thus increasing the construction cost: poor leveling of primer will lead to uneven surface after the film is dried, and it is likely to suffer from low gloss, poor orange peel and other defects when spraying the top coat

requirements of construction machinery for intermediate paint

intermediate paint is a coating that plays a connecting role between primer and finish. The main function is to fill the bottom base material and isolate the defects of the primer layer, so as to improve the fullness of the finish coat and other decorative properties, at the same time, enhance the adhesion of the finish coat to the coating, increase the thickness of the whole supporting coating, and improve the water resistance and corrosion resistance of the whole coating

requirements of construction machinery for intermediate paint: good compatibility with primer and finish, strong adhesion with upper and lower coatings; The hardness of the coating is moderate, and the solvent of the topcoat cannot "bite" this coating. The water and humidity resistance should be good, and the topcoat will not bubble. The polishing performance should be good, and it can be dried at an appropriate high temperature. When it is dry, it must not stick sandpaper, and the dryness is good. The commonly used intermediate coating is epoxy intermediate coating and polyurethane intermediate coating. The selection of polyurethane intermediate coating mainly considers that the coating film has better weather resistance

requirements for surface paint of construction machinery

finish paint can make construction machinery have high gloss, rich colors, and give people aesthetic feeling. The effect of finish paint directly affects customers' judgment on the quality of construction machinery products, so the appearance color and effect are paid more and more attention. Commonly used solvent based topcoats include alkyd, acrylic, chlorinated rubber and polyurethane topcoats. The requirements for surface paint of construction machinery are as follows

protective performance

construction machinery is generally constructed and stored outdoors, with poor working conditions, facing wind and sun, dust pollution and rain cement water scouring. Therefore, construction machinery needs coating protection, so that its surface is coated with a certain thickness of film, so as to isolate oxygen, moisture, dust and other corrosive substances in the atmosphere, avoid corrosion within a certain period of time, and ensure the service life of the equipment. It can be said that the protective function is the basic function of the construction machinery coating, so the coating is required to have good adhesion, impact resistance, flexibility and other mechanical properties

decorative performance

at the initial stage of the development of the domestic construction machinery industry, the use of coatings was mainly rust prevention and protection. After entering the 21st century, as the industry cake becomes larger and larger, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and the coating appearance has also become an important factor in the competitiveness of products. Higher gloss, higher fullness, and pleasing coating color matching naturally make it easier to win the market. Similarly, with the development of the market, construction machinery enterprises also realize the importance of brand building and corporate image visual identity (VI), so coating the product surface with paint plays an important role as a carrier of brand communication

construction machinery is huge and complex in structure, so it is difficult to achieve high appearance effect on all surfaces. Therefore, the construction machinery industry has put forward the concept of covering parts, that is, the parts covered outside the machine and equipment, including oil tank, cab, hood, cover plate, etc. on these covering parts, the decoration of coating is highlighted, and the surface coating is required to be smooth, uniform, full, high gloss, disease-free, and have certain weather resistance. In a certain period of time, its loss of light and fading are within the specified range. Since 2000, the construction machinery industry has paid more and more attention to the appearance quality of products. The biennial Beijing construction machinery exhibition also specially held appearance evaluation activities. The decorative function of construction machinery coating has become more prominent. Users and manufacturers have paid more attention to the overall visual effect of product coating, and will not consume energy due to excess energy or idling


when selecting the top coat of construction machinery, attention must be paid to the compatibility with primer, intermediate coat or putty, otherwise the whole coating may be wrinkled and undercut during coating. During the construction of the finish paint, it is required to have good leveling, high gloss, high freshness and good fullness, but no sagging. Poor leveling performance of the finish may lead to sagging, orange peel, poor freshness and poor fullness

at present, most products of construction machinery at home and abroad still use solvent based coatings for pouting. Using low construction solid solvent based coatings will produce a large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, causing serious pollution to the environment

in recent years, China has promulgated and implemented a series of policies and regulations restricting solvent based coatings. The market of traditional solvent based construction machinery coatings has been greatly impacted, and the voice of water-based construction machinery coatings is rising

in September 2013, the State Council issued the "action plan for the prevention and control of air pollution", which clearly implemented the comprehensive treatment of volatile organic compounds in the petrochemical, organic, surface coating, packaging and printing industries, improved the limit standards of volatile organic compounds in coatings and other products, promoted the use of water-based coatings, and encouraged the production, sale and use of low toxic and low volatile organic solvents

on January 26th, 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the notice on Levying consumption tax on batteries and coatings, announcing that the consumption tax on coatings will be levied from February 1st, 2015. Consumption tax is levied in production, entrusted processing and import links, and the applicable tax rate is

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