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Surface corrosion prevention: the "face project" that cannot be ignored

surface corrosion prevention: the "face project" that cannot be ignored

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July 1, 2015

[China paint information] the first impression given by many chemical enterprises such as coal chemical industry, chemical fertilizer and oil refining is that synthetic towers and other steel equipment stand tall and magnificent and colorful from a distance, Especially eye-catching. These production equipment coated with various anti-corrosion paints can be called a spectacular scenery for chemical enterprises. What adds color to these "Tallinn" is not ordinary paint, but professional anti-corrosion paint with surface anti-corrosion function

however, it was noted in the interview that affected by external economic pressure, overcapacity and other factors, some chemical enterprises listed surface corrosion prevention as the object of cost reduction, reducing the number of corrosion prevention. Some even adopted unqualified construction teams in order to save costs due to a little knowledge of corrosion prevention, resulting in potential safety hazards

rusty spots make people worried about potential safety hazards step by step

sometimes we encounter such a situation, looking at eye-catching chemical equipment from a distance, but looking close makes people surprised. I have visited some chemical enterprises to watch these production equipment closely, and it has been rusted. People can't help thinking of an old man who is carrying a heavy load on his back and walking on the way of climbing, and he will fall into a cliff at any time

"If these chemical equipment are 'covered' with anti-corrosion coats of various colors, it will be like a young man, who is strong enough to overcome all difficulties and dangers. To 'cover' the equipment with anti-corrosion coats is to carry out special anti-corrosion on the surface of chemical facilities such as chemical pipelines and chemical oil storage tanks, which can effectively resist the corrosion of external chemical gases, salt fog, ultraviolet rays and other harmful components on chemical equipment to a large extent 。” Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd. Hebei region manager Liu Jing told

lijianbing, director of the safety office of Shandong Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd., said that the surface anti-corrosion engineering of equipment is jokingly called "face Engineering" in the industry, that is, painting the surface of some steel chemical production equipment and storage tanks to slow down the corrosion of chemical equipment by various chemical gases and liquids

at the same time, Li Jianbing stressed: "coating anti-corrosion paint is not just a 'face project'. Whether the anti-corrosion is done well or not is directly related to the safety of equipment. Timely anti-corrosion of chemical equipment will avoid safety accidents caused by corrosion of some pipeline equipment. This is a seemingly simple but boring work, but it must be constantly done."

however, in the face of the current sluggish demand in the downstream market and overcapacity of low-end products, many chemical enterprises are making an issue of tapping the potential to save energy and reduce expenditure, while greatly discounting the "face project"

it is learned that some chemical enterprises regard equipment corrosion prevention as the goal of energy conservation and consumption reduction, and cancel the original equipment corrosion prevention every two years. As long as the corrosion of production equipment and pipelines is not so serious and can operate normally, the equipment and pipelines will not be painted for corrosion prevention. There are also chemical enterprises that blindly focus on production efficiency and are not willing to stop to carry out anti-corrosion of equipment. In fact, this will often lay a huge hidden danger for safety

"it can be said that production equipment is the heart of chemical enterprises. Only by regularly checking and caring for the heart can the whole enterprise run healthily." Li Jianbing said that there is high temperature and high pressure in the production process of chemical enterprises, and many related chemical products are corrosive, which will cause certain corrosion to the production facilities. If the safety and anti-corrosion work of the equipment is not done in advance and in time, the service life of the equipment cannot be guaranteed. Equipment that could have operated safely for 10 years under normal maintenance may be scrapped in 5 years. Moreover, when the equipment is quietly scrapped, it will also be accompanied by accidents

an office worker of Shandong Jinling Chemical Co., Ltd. also held the same view. The production environment of chemical enterprises is very bad. If you don't pay attention to corrosion prevention at ordinary times, the chemical corrosive gas and liquid in the middle of production will corrode the chemical equipment, which may lead to the leakage of a welding spot or pipeline valve of the production equipment, causing accidents

the docking between enterprises and enterprises is further. The anti-corrosion training kills two birds with one stone.

the anti-corrosion "guerrillas" are mercenary, and the price of formal anti-corrosion teams is high. How to solve this thorny problem in the current situation of general depression of chemical enterprises

in this regard, Wang Youhao, manager of the equipment Power Department of Shenglong Chemical Co., Ltd., has become an "advertisement" for steel structure buildings, saying that it is a general trend for chemical enterprises to set up their own anti-corrosion construction teams, just like fighting in war, farming is agriculture in peacetime, and soldiers with combat ability in wartime

it is understood that in order to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by the adverse construction of anti-corrosion "guerrillas", many chemical enterprises such as Jiutai Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Thorpe Group Chemical Co., Ltd. are setting up their own anti-corrosion construction engineering companies, and strive to completely eliminate the potential safety hazards of chemical enterprises in the bud

people in the paint industry said, "the anti-corrosion coating process of paint is also very critical. Seven of the paint quality problems reported by many paint enterprises are caused by factors such as the external environment and human ignorance of paint performance."

recently, the paint brushing construction personnel of Shenglong chemical reported to the sales representative of Pentium paint that during the construction process, the top coat is easy to bite the paint, the two-component paint can dry by itself without adding curing agent, and the diluent reacts with the paint

in this regard, Xujiadong, an anticorrosive paint technical engineer of Shandong Pentium paint industry Co., Ltd., explained: "the primer and intermediate paint are well applied, which proves that the paint and diluent have no quality problems. There is only one explanation for the phenomenon of top coat biting the primer, that is, the primer and intermediate paint are not dry well."

"At the current high temperature of more than 30 ℃, the paint can dry by itself without adding curing agent, which is a normal phenomenon. Although it can be painted well without adding curing agent, the paint must be added with curing agent during the construction process, which can maximize the hardness of the paint, form a hard film, and prevent the aging time of the paint by corrosive chemical gases and liquid components such as UV and salt fog to the greatest extent, thus prolonging the aging time of the paint Operation cycle of the equipment. When diluent is poured into paint, it will produce a certain reaction, which is a normal chemical reaction. From the perspective of safety and economy, it should be added slowly. " Xu Jiadong said

Xu Jiadong also stressed: "if there are relevant problems in the painting construction process, the business representative should be notified to communicate with the technical engineer in the first time, and the relevant technical personnel will rush to the site in the shortest time to solve the problems arising in the construction process."

it can be seen that the anti-corrosion construction of paint is not simply brushing, and the weather, temperature and other external environment will have an impact on the construction of paint; Paint construction technology also directly affects the anti-corrosion quality

the business manager of Pentium paint also said that its customer Shenglong chemical began to use Pentium brand primer, epoxy micaceous iron intermediate paint, sulfonated polyethylene gray anti-corrosion finish paint and other anti-corrosion color paint produced by the company in 2012. At that time, the construction was carried out by a professional equipment anti-corrosion construction team, and there were no quality problems in the use of paint. This time, a series of problems occurred in the construction of painting by the company's employees, indicating that the construction technology of anti-corrosion painting is also crucial

for this reason, people in the paint industry pointed out that the technical training of paint brushing construction personnel should be strengthened. The construction personnel must be trained and qualified by relevant departments and identified by technical titles before painting the relevant anti-corrosion works, otherwise the painting quality is difficult to guarantee, and the safety of the equipment cannot be guaranteed

accidents occur frequently with reasons, and the construction quality needs to be improved.

in recent years, safety accidents caused by improper anti-corrosion construction have emerged in endlessly. Therefore, it is very important for chemical enterprises to hire professional anti-corrosion engineering companies when they regularly carry out anti-corrosion on equipment

at about 19:16 on October 28, 2006, an explosion accident occurred when an anti-corrosion engineering company in Anhui province carried out anti-corrosion operations on a crude oil storage tank under construction in Xinjiang, resulting in 13 deaths and 6 injuries to on-site operators. According to the accident analysis, the company used non explosion-proof lighting fixtures when carrying out anti-corrosion operations in the floating roof cabin of crude oil tanks under construction, resulting in serious aging of wires and damage to many joints and insulation; During operation, mechanical ventilation facilities were not installed as required, resulting in a large amount of explosive mixed gas formed by the volatilization of benzene, toluene, xylene and other organic solvents in the used anti-corrosion paint and diluent accumulated in the cabin, and exploded in the event of electrical sparks generated by lighting equipment

at about 8:55 on July 27, 2007, an explosion accident occurred in the anti-corrosion construction process of an industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in Shandong, resulting in two deaths. According to the accident analysis, the company did not detect and analyze the combustible gas volatilized from the anti-corrosion paint painted in the tank in the early stage as required before and during the anti-corrosion construction, and the construction personnel used non explosion-proof lighting fixtures, exhaust fans and other electrical appliances in violation of regulations, resulting in the explosion of combustible gas in the tank that reached the explosion limit when encountering electric sparks


"these are safety accidents caused by the unqualified 'guerrillas' of small anti-corrosion projects to chemical enterprises until they increase to the load value on the preset upper limit P. such accidents could have been avoided." Hanming, chairman of Shandong luniu paint industry Co., Ltd., said that chemical enterprises outsourced the corrosion protection of chemical equipment to small corrosion protection construction teams. They used bad corrosion protection paint products to deal with the problem, which could not have the corrosion protection effect on chemical equipment, and became a potential safety hazard. It virtually wasted a lot of human, financial and material resources. It was really a loss for their wife and a loss for their soldiers

insiders said that the original chemical equipment was protected by anti-corrosion paint, and its anti-corrosion protective layer can maximize the service life of the equipment. The normal anti-corrosion of equipment is the three-layer protection of primer, micaceous iron intermediate paint and finish paint. However, in order to reduce the working hours and materials, some small anti-corrosion construction teams have built PTFE film, chlorimide fiber, surface modification and film coating production line material costs. They will only brush the primer and directly brush the finish paint, but less micaceous iron intermediate paint, which will lead to serious corrosion of equipment in advance

Han Ming said that the cost of contracting to a professional anti-corrosion construction team is twice that of a small unqualified construction team. In order to save money, many chemical enterprises will invite tenders for construction, and some informal anti-corrosion construction "guerrillas" will obtain anti-corruption projects through illegal means; Some construction teams will purchase anti-corrosion paint produced by small family workshops at low prices after bidding at low prices, which can not protect the equipment, thus laying a potential safety hazard for chemical enterprises

according to the interview, many chemical enterprises have little knowledge of equipment anti-corrosion, and hand over their anti-corrosion projects to some small anti-corrosion construction teams

"these construction teams are like 'guerrillas'. They often choose small paint manufacturers or dealers to purchase paint products with low prices. They can not only get commissions from product dealers, but also cash several times over a period of time

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