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American social networking station "facebook" launched an integrated communication platform

the total number of these components of American social networking is considerable. On the 15th, Facebook launched a new communication platform integrating email, instant messaging and SMS, and believed that traditional email no longer belongs to the scope of modern communication systems

"facebook" introduced on its official blog that it will provide users with an email address with the suffix "@". Users can manage all kinds of information including email, instant messaging and SMS through a single inbox and communicate instantly with others. In addition, this inbox has a filtering function, which only displays information from Facebook friends and their social circles

"Facebook jjg475 (2) 008" verification regulation of electronic universal testing machine "CEO Mark Zuckerberg called this new service" modern communication product "for adjusting fixture bolt torque and preloading deformation to the specified value. At the press conference held that day, he summarized it as a social inbox with three features: seamless communication, conversation recording and filtering

"we believe that modern communication systems are definitely not e-mail," Zuckerberg said. He uses seven words to define the modern communication mode in the eyes of "facebook", that is, seamless ldpe/lldpe combination, informal, instant, personalized, simple, concise and brief

"facebook" plans to launch this service by invitation first, and then promote it to all users in the next few months. It is reported that every user of Facebook will have an email address that is the same as their user name. Technology

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