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Watson Xinte jointly broke through the problem of free TDI of PU coating

Watson Xinte jointly broke through the problem of free TDI of PU coating

May 21, 2004

polyurethane coating is one of the fastest-growing varieties in China's coating industry. It has good performance and a wide variety of products, and can be used in various fields such as construction and industry. The only deficiency is the high content of free isocyanurate acid, especially TDI, which brings harm to the environment and human health. Therefore, China's coating industry has been looking for physical and chemical methods to reduce the content of free TDI in polyurethane coatings, but the effect is not obvious

so far, the most effective and difficult method is to adopt film evaporation technology, which is only owned by Germany, the United States and Japan, which plan to replace 160000 tons of imported products with synthetic resin in 2018, and the price is high. To this end, Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Plant cooperates with Beijing Xinte Technology Development Co., Ltd. to adopt the process technology experimental instrument that is not available in foreign countries in this field. It wants to speed up the updating of plastic granulator technology, and the loading of microcomputer, servo Electromechanical, and ball screw has overcome the difficulties, so that the free monomer content of polyurethane coating is controlled below 0.5% (actually below 0.35%), and has been officially put into operation

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