The hottest water-soluble paper plastic composite

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The invention relates to a water-soluble paper plastic composite adhesive and a preparation method, which overcomes the defect that the general water-soluble adhesive has unsatisfactory adhesion performance to the plastic film. The adhesive is composed of a copolymerized rubber lotion of butadiene, styrene and unsaturated functional monomers and a tackifying resin lotion prepared according to the method of the invention. According to the dry solid mass, the blending ratio of rubber lotion and tackifying resin lotion is 10 ∶ 3 ~ 10 ∶ 9

this adhesive is suitable for the composite of paper, plastic film and plastic woven cloth, especially 26 Sand for sand filling method is used for the composite of paper and corona treated polyolefin film, which has good transparency, water resistance and bonding properties

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