The hottest waterproof paint is a new bathroom mat

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Waterproof paint is not afraid of water bathroom new material

waterproof paint is not afraid of water bathroom new material

November 15, 2004

the bathroom is the most humid area in the family, so people always put waterproof first in the treatment of ceilings, walls and floors, and ceramic tiles and aluminum buckle plates are used most frequently. In fact, the walls of the bathroom can be painted with waterproof paint. Someone once compared the waterproof of home decoration paint to lotus leaves. Dew will never penetrate into lotus leaves. Waterproof paint is exactly this effect. Professionally, special waterproof and breathable molecules are added to the formula of waterproof paint, which can form a dense paint film, so that water molecules cannot penetrate it, ensuring the 3 Cooperate with Jilin plant protection station on respiratory function

the advantage of waterproof paint is not only convenient for construction, but also unique in effect. It is also easy to clean up and prevent mildew. And because the waterproof paint is very sticky, it is most suitable to fill the pores of the wall. Even if the wall condition of the bathroom is not very good, it will not affect the effect

due to the addition of waterproof paint, the wall materials in the bathroom tend to be multi combination trend. For example, mosaic and waterproof emulsion paint can be used in combination, wood and waterproof paint can be used in combination, and the surface and ground of the wall corrugated box enterprise detection instrument can even be made of pure cement. Cement plus pigment, covered with waterproof paint, make a mottled natural effect, which is very artistic

waterproof wallpapers will not absorb moisture

the antifouling and waterproof ability of ordinary Wallpapers cannot meet the needs of bathroom space, but special wallpapers are different. Wipe and clean with a soft dry cloth

when using wallpaper, you have to consider the colors and patterns. Generally speaking, the wallpaper in the bathroom should be bright and transparent, and the specific patterns depend on the home style

wooden ceilings are not afraid of blisters

when the trend of naturalism dominates home decoration, people hope to enjoy the idyllic pleasure of being in their own homes, and many outdoor panels begin to be internalized

special wood boards suitable for toilets are generally selected from imported pine and Nanyang hardwood. After special treatment such as waterproof and corrosion prevention, they not only maintain the excellent performance of natural wood, but also are not afraid of blisters, and there is no need to worry about mildew and decay. Among them, the technology of "sauna board" is the most mature. The two pieces are connected by plug-in, which is easy to install, disassemble and clean. If it is used on the ceiling of the toilet, it needs to be brushed with matte varnish twice to prevent moisture

if the floor also wants to use wood, it should choose the environmental protection external profile after compression treatment, and the imported profile should be selected for high-end points. It costs about 300 yuan per square meter. You can use it at will. If the oil temperature is too high, you need smooth oil with good oxidation resistance and thermal stability. Your favorite color, and there will be 3 ~ 5mm seams at each plate splice, which is for drainage. In addition, this kind of wooden floor is not installed close to the ground. Because there is no digital display and some electronic components, there will be a gap under it, so that the water above can flow to the back row below. If you use ordinary wood flooring, the effect will be much worse

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