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JCB has launched a new product of 19C electric small excavation recently, JCB has launched a 1.9-ton electric small excavation to establish a high-level mutual visit mechanism to meet customers' requirements for indoor operations, basements, densely populated areas and other operations with strict requirements on exhaust emissions

jcb19c electric small excavation new product

it is understood that the small excavation can be charged with the common 230V AC. after charging, you can go to any area to complete the routine work needs of the whole day. The excavation force and working speed of the electric small excavation are exactly the same as those of the small excavation powered by diesel engines on the market. The fast charging technology can shorten the charging time by half compared with the previous similar models

the research and development of the electric small excavation has been carried out secretly in JCB global headquarters as a confidential project, and is regarded as a "real breakthrough" in the field of construction machinery by Lord Bamford, chairman of JCB group

Lord Bamford said: "JCB has been leading the innovation in the field of construction machinery. Over the past decades, JCB has been committed to the research and development of innovative, low emission diesel engine power. In fact, due to the j industry trend and the predicted clean combustion technology adopted by CB engine, some JCB equipment models will achieve almost zero emissions in 2019. However, with the progress of urbanization, the use of many equipment is closer to the places where people gather, such as basements and rooms Interior, hospital, food preparation area, etc. Therefore, the demand for zero emissions is emerging rapidly. It is for this reason that we are determined to walk in the forefront of alternative energy technology and develop practical electric small excavators. "

19c-1 e-tec electric small excavation can not only realize zero emission, but also is the quietest equipment in JCB series. This means that customers can work during normal working hours, but will not affect others' work on the road, around the hospital, around the school, etc. The small excavation is equipped with a shrinkable chassis, which stimulates the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry, and can adapt to the construction in compact areas

the electric small excavation has an electric motor and three high-performance lithium batteries, which can provide up to 15kwh of energy

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