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Japan Toray carbon fiber will be used in the core components of automobile

Japan Toray will fully develop the automobile market with carbon fiber, which ranks first in the global market share. After that, the experiment can be carried out. Li plans to build Japan's first fuel cell oriented component production plant in Ehime County, which is planned to be put into operation in 2018. It will also mass produce carbon fiber framework components for automobiles that are closely related to safety. Toray plans to invest more than 100billion yen in the carbon fiber field in the next three years, of which more than 20billion yen will be used in the automobile field with broad utilization prospects. After aircraft and windmills for power generation, the use of carbon fiber will also be expanded to the field of automobile core components that are expected to be mass produced

Toray will build a special production workshop for battery components used for fuel cell vehicles (FCV) in the land occupied by Ehime factory. The investment amount is more than 5billion yen, and the annual mass production of sheet electrode parts can meet the needs of 100000 vehicles. It has started to supply "Mirai" of Toyota and "clarity fuel cell" of Honda, but the quantity is relatively small. Toray believes that fuel cell vehicles will be started and popularized around 2020, so it decides to build a mass production system as soon as possible to contribute to reducing the price of vehicles

Toray currently focuses on carbon fiber exterior decoration materials for automobiles, with sales of about 10 billion yen. Toray predicts that the lightweight requirements of the car body will increase in the future, so it plans to supply the skeleton parts of the vehicle. It is said that if the main material is changed from iron to carbon fiber, the vehicle weight can be reduced by 30%

Toray has negotiated with several large automobile enterprises and will start mass production within three years. The site selection of the plant will be studied in the future, and it is quite possible to choose overseas. The investment is expected to reach 10billion yen. In addition to studying the international strategy, it will also invest billions of yen in three factories in Europe to enhance the processing capacity of exterior decoration materials

in the field of carbon fiber, Toray, Mitsubishi Liyang and teiren, three Japanese enterprises, account for about 60% of the global market share, and Japan has strong competitiveness. In terms of low price products such as windmills, manufacturers in China, South Korea and Turkey are promoting commercialization, and the huge market demand is expected that the price competition will become more intense in the future. The existing materials are also committed to lightweight, and the competition between materials will become fierce

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