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Toray has set up a research and development base in Shanghai tarc

it is understood that Toray has updated the system of its research and development bases in Shanghai and Nantong in order to strengthen its research and development function in China and provide strong support for expanding the Chinese market

Toray Fiber Research Institute (China) Co., Ltd. (TFRC), the R & D base of Toray in China, was established in Nantong in 2002 and set up a branch in Shanghai in 2004. Since January 1 this year, Toray Shanghai Branch has been separated as Toray advanced materials research and Development Co., Ltd. (TARC) and changed into two systems: TFRC (Nantong) and TARC (Shanghai)

tarc's main function is to be a Chinese research and development base (product development and technical support for Chinese customers) based on the strategies of various business fields other than the fiber business. On this basis, it is also the Chinese base of the Advanced Materials Research Institute (Shiga, Japan) for basic research. Shanghai is not only a gathering place for important customers of East power supply and power: 3-phase 4-wire 50hz380v180w, but also has rich college resources. In the future, Toray will continue to strengthen the functions of the Shanghai R & D base. At present, Toray has obtained the lease right of the land adjacent to TARC, and is scheduled to complete the construction of the new R & D building in december2013. In addition, Toray will consolidate and expand the functions of TFRC, establish an integrated system for the production and research of environmentally friendly polyurethane materials such as waterborne polyurethane materials in Nantong, and devote itself to research and development under this system

in view of the huge potential that still exists in the Chinese market, Toray group will continue to expand its investment in China, promote the development of new products and technologies that meet China's needs, and strengthen corresponding technical support. For this reason, Toray will not only strengthen the conventional business in the research fields of resin, film, water treatment and its facilities, but also start new business of product and technology development services such as film processing, carbon fiber composites, electronic information materials, etc. In terms of basic research, Toray will employ Chinese talents to work together with Japan's advanced materials research institute to develop advanced materials related to green innovation

Japan Toray Co., Ltd., founded in 1926, is a world-famous high-tech multinational enterprise with organic synthetic chemical industry, polymer chemistry, biochemistry and nanotechnology as its core technologies. It integrates core technologies such as organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology with nanotechnology, carries out innovation with the strength of chemistry, and carries out fiber, synthetic plastics, information/communication mechanical materials, carbon fiber composites, water treatment, medicine/medical materials and other related undertakings worldwide, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a global leading enterprise in the field of cutting-edge materials. So far, Toray group has 226 companies in 23 countries and regions in the world in 2012, including 36 enterprises in China, which are committed to fiber, plastics, water treatment and other fields

at present, Toray is committed to the medium-term business subject "ap-g2013 project", and takes the large enterprise group that achieves sustainable income expansion as the main goal of Toray. The "Asia emerging countries business expansion (AE) project" has become one of the basic strategies of the "ap-g2013 project". This R & D system update in China is the practice of "AE project". In the future, Toray will continue to promote relevant affairs in areas and regions with significant growth. While pursuing career development, Toray also attaches great importance to "fulfilling the corporate society" and actively carries out various CSR activities in Shanghai. The annual "Toray Cup" Shanghai International Marathon is one of the important events. As of 2011, Toray has been named 16 times

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