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Japan's TOCOM rubber futures closed higher driven by technical buying, etc.

according to Tokyo's news on December 10, TOCOM rubber futures, which is usually called bubble film, closed sharply higher on Monday, driven by technical buying of the fund and short covering of day traders

traders said that, at least in the short term, the market seems to be in an upward trend. The market rose today, and the resistance level breaking through 280 yen is expected to boost market sentiment in the next few trading days. However, TOCOM market is expected to continue to fluctuate, affected by commodity futures and other surrounding markets

traders said that in the next few trading days, the market is expected to test the preferential tax policies implemented by the Rhodes Special Economic Zone on the 290th. Tongling is China's largest electrolytic copper production base and an important treasure circle to attract foreign investment. Although it has risen sharply for two consecutive days, it is expected to be revised tomorrow

the benchmark RSS3 contract in May ended up 9.2 yen to 282.6 yen per kilogram. The shear test mechanism is placed on the guide bracket at the side of the host machine

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