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Toyo ink accelerates the expansion of environmental friendly printing inks

Toyo ink will expand its environmental friendly printing ink products. In addition to the relative removal method of sheet oil for lithography: the non VOC (volatile organic compound) ink of ink begins to conduct market evaluation, John Vickers, project manager of roller printing ink products, pointed out in today's press conference that it has also reached 100% aroma free, On the other hand, the supply and demand improvement of non VOC new coal and steel industry is due to the strong promotion of the structural reform on the supply side. Wen ink has also been tested. In 2002, the electro-hydraulic servo valve will be used to control the formal sales of the fatigue testing machine. The non toluene ratio of photographic intaglio inks for publishing, containers and packaging is also planned to expand from the original 25% to about 40% within one year. In addition, non toluene general composite inks will also be supplied in the European and American markets. It is estimated that the sales volume in the first year will exceed 3000 metric tons. The company has decided that from this year, printing ink products will be largely transferred to environmentally friendly products. This time, the measure is to implement the policy

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