The hottest Japanese TOCOM rubber futures rose, bo

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Japan's TOCOM rubber futures rose boosted by the rise in crude oil

according to Tokyo's news on August 3, TOCOM rubber futures rose to nearly 200 yen per kilogram on Monday, boosted by fresh buying. As investors have their own new materials and strong problems, different investors find guidance from the rise in crude oil

a Singapore trader indicated that "crude oil rose sharply on Friday and continues to rise at present."

in the Asian trading session, NYMEX crude oil contract in September rose above $70 a barrel

tocom benchmark in January2010, RSS3 rubber period ----- Li Mei, lecturer/doctor of Guangdong Institute of light industry and technology, rose 3.7 yen to 199.2 yen per kilogram. Earlier, it touched the intraday high of 199.9 yen per kilogram

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