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Zhejiang nori machinery officially launched the "three-year development strategy" plan

Zhejiang nori machinery officially launched the "three-year development strategy" plan

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recently, the mobilization meeting for the three-year development strategy plan of Zhejiang nori machinery Co., Ltd. was held in the second training classroom, marking the official launch of the formulation of the company's development strategy plan for the next three years. There are many uses of metal materials

Zhao Songlin, director of the strategic operation and human resources management center, presided over the meeting, and all middle and senior managers of the company participated in the event ldquo; The new materials developed by Guoliang copper are currently being tested at the national recognized authoritative testing center. The relevant leaders and experts of Peking University vertical and horizontal pipe consulting company, a partner, attended the meeting

on January 28, 2015, nori's A-share was successfully listed, and the enterprise ushered in a new development opportunity. In the new stage of development, nori needs to fully meet the social and profit requirements of listed companies, and systematically consider the development of the company on this premise. To this end, the company began to prepare the preliminary work of strategic planning in March this year. The partner Peking University Zongheng project team participated in the whole process, step-by-step promotion, real-time training and other ways

persistently promoting the strategy will make the test results produce error planning. Using strategy and vision to guide the development of the enterprise is the eternal foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise. 2016 is the first year of the 13th five year plan, which is crucial for the sustainable development of China's leading enterprise in the industrial vehicle industry. How to make an accurate strategic positioning, choose the strategic development direction and effectively implement the strategy is very critical for the future development of Noli. The "13th five year plan" will be a critical period for "made in China" to achieve industrial transformation and leapfrog upgrading. We hired Peking University Zongheng management consulting company to help nori jointly formulate strategic planning, and from the perspective of corporate vision and mission, values, product transformation and upgrading, strategic objectives, business development, market expansion, development business model, construction of marketing system The promotion of core competitiveness and the integration of production and manufacturing system are compiled and scientifically and reasonably arranged

Ding Jianlu, the deputy general manager of the company, emphasized at the meeting that the company's development strategic plan is Noli's own plan, and PKU Zongheng assisted us in formulating the three-year development strategy to ensure the rapid and healthy development of the enterprise. The formulation of strategy should match the existing resources and capabilities of the enterprise, and should be combined with reality. This strategic planning is not only to straighten out the company's strategic objectives, but also to decompose them level by level according to the company's objectives and formulate the three-year plan of each department. Therefore, the company should actively participate, give play to its collective intelligence, put forward reasonable suggestions, and make this work seriously completed

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