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Zhejiang laser holographic transfer paper has been successfully developed and mass produced

Zhejiang Jinghua laser products Co., Ltd. has recently developed a laser holographic transfer paper integrating anti-counterfeiting, decoration and environmental protection, and has been put into mass production. Recently, Zhejiang Province organized experts to identify the products

this kind of laser holographic transfer paper is a new material that uses computer pixel holographic precision transfer and high integrity stripping technology. After trial use, the product meets the needs of packaging industrial production, and opens up a new way for the anti-counterfeiting printing industry. 2. Select the clip arc radius r material source according to the wire diameter in the parameter table. The comprehensive technical indicators of the product have reached the domestic advanced level, and the product price is also lower than that of imported similar products. 1. The 1 end of the solenoid valve works normally, but the plunger is rusted or there is sludge and dirt between the slide valves, which makes the plunger stuck, resulting in inaccurate transposition (not in place), small oil port or closed oil port, and small flow

insiders believe that the successful development of this product has played a positive role in the packaging material industry

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