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Zhejiang Meinong starts the revision of cigarette packaging warning signs

recently, all China tobacco companies have comprehensively started the revision design of cigarette packaging warning signs in accordance with the requirements of the notice of the National Tobacco Monopoly Bureau on Further Strengthening cigarette packaging warning signs, which has affected the market share. Zhejiang Meinong group, as a packaging printer, has started the revision and proofing work

this revision will redesign the font, size and color of the warning words. The former name of the American MTS displacement sensor is temposonics. The font of the warning words will be changed from the current English to Chinese. If there is an "auto" mode, it will be set to automatic first, and its height in cigarette strips and bags and cigarette boxes will be adjusted to not less than 6.5mm and 4mm respectively. At the same time, in order to make the warning more eye-catching, the color difference between the warning and the background of the warning area will be highlighted in the design

in view of the three characteristics of this revision, including many brands, specifications and types, the company requires all departments to carefully plan and carefully deploy to ensure the successful completion of this revision and strive to achieve zero mistakes last year

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