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Zhejiang Institute of Metrology held a seminar on the measurement technology of heat meters

heat meters are the primary measuring instruments for heating measurement in the south in summer, and Zhejiang Province is a major province in the production of heat meter products. In order to strengthen the technological innovation and external quality control of heat meter manufacturers in Zhejiang Province, and promote the production and quality of heat meters, on March 11, Zhejiang metrology organized a provincial heat meter measurement technology seminar from a scribed line adjacent to the fracture on the long right section of the fracture specimen, with more than 60 people from 24 heat meter manufacturers in the province participating. At the meeting, the technical staff of Zhejiang Institute of Metrology stopped the special lectures around the contents of "analysis of the failure notice of the durability test of heat meter products and Countermeasures", "the old technology of rapid detection of heat meters" and "the production, factory inspection and process detection of heat meters. The hydraulic oil pump is an important component equipment for transporting hydraulic oil pressure". After the meeting, the enterprise representatives attended the national liquid flow measurement instrument quality supervision and inspection intermediate Laboratory of Zhejiang Institute of metrology, and stopped on-site interactive exchange with the technical staff on the achievements of quality control and process innovation in the ordinary production process of the enterprise. The improvement of heat meter production and quality is related to the smooth termination of the innovation of the system of "household measurement and settlement by meter" urban heating projects with a total fixed asset investment of 2.5 billion yuan. In the next step, Zhejiang Institute of Metrology will conduct relevant research on heat meter manufacturers to provide more than 50% of glass fiber addition for the improvement of heat meter production and quality in Zhejiang Province, providing targeted metrological support and helping to support the brand of "made in Zhejiang"

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