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Zhejiang Petroleum and chemical enterprises were forced to reduce the load

the power supply tension is becoming serious, and the current gap has reached 2million kW to 3million kW. The non-standard production of green building materials manufacturers with high power consumption is also a major reason that affects their popularity. The peak season is not yet coming, but the "power shortage" has hit ahead of schedule. Some chemical enterprises in the province have to reduce their production load, which indicates that a large number of enterprises will face more stringent power restriction measures this summer. In this regard, as a major energy user, petroleum and chemical enterprises are generally very worried

it is understood that there are many reasons for the recent shortage of power supply and consumption in Zhejiang. The first reason is that the demand for electricity is growing vigorously, while the growth of power supply capacity can not keep up with the increase of demand. Last year, due to the strict assessment of energy conservation and emission reduction, some large projects were not put into operation in time after completion. After the Spring Festival this year, the new capacity was released intensively, resulting in a sharp rise in electricity demand, but the newly put into operation installed capacity in the province has not increased. Last year, the installed capacity of newly put into operation in Zhejiang Province was only 830000 kW. This year, the completion and operation of new units will wait until the peak summer. Secondly, while the demand increases sharply, the power generation of local power plants is decreasing compared with previous years. Since the beginning of the year, the rainfall in Zhejiang Province has decreased significantly compared with previous years, and the power generation of local hydropower units has decreased by 48.62% year-on-year. In addition, the shortage of natural gas sources and the rise of international oil prices have also restricted the power generation capacity of existing units. Among them, 57% of the natural gas units and 2.17 million KW capacity cannot play a role

the above directly led to the "power shortage" coming in advance. Since March, Zhejiang has faced a power gap of more than 2 million kilowatts. The "power shortage" coming in advance has affected the production of petrochemical enterprises to varying degrees, among which Ningbo has the greatest impact. According to the "recent report on the power supply and consumption of the whole city" issued by the Ningbo Electric Power Department, the current power consumption gap in Ningbo is 500000 ~ 700000 kW, that is, the gap in one area of Ningbo accounts for about a quarter of the province. The power supply demand will be more tight this summer, and it is expected to reach 800000 ~ 1million kW. To this end, Ningbo Power Supply Bureau said that it would regard the eight high energy consuming industries as the main force of electricity transfer, and planned to stop some high energy consuming industries for maintenance, so as to make electricity available to the people

Zhejiang Zhenyang Chemical Industry Development Co., Ltd., located in Ningbo Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone, is a chlor alkali enterprise, a typical large energy user. Chenwuning, director of the company's office, told that since February, the power sector has taken load reduction measures for some high energy consuming enterprises, with chlor alkali enterprises bearing the brunt. At the beginning of power rationing, it is generally reduced to about 80%. The company can still meet the basic production needs through reasonable allocation. However, after entering may, the load once fell to 50%, which has caused great pressure on production and operation, especially the safe operation of equipment, and the enterprise is very troubled about this. "The off-season is over." Scheffler is the co-founder of MAXNET, the cross data driven inter agency alliance of material science in the Max Planck Society. After this, it can be imagined that with the passage of time, the peak of power consumption is approaching, and enterprises will inevitably face greater difficulties, for which he is very worried

"At present, whether there is economic benefit is secondary. The main reason is that such a long-term ultra-low load operation is easy to cause safety accidents. Now we are under great pressure. Although chlor alkali is a typical high energy consuming enterprise, the power sector may feel that we can benefit many at the expense of our family, but we should also take into account the actual situation of the enterprise. After all, chlor alkali is the most basic chemical raw material, and our shutdown will not only make many downstream The manufacturers are affected, which is too unfair for our enterprises. " The relevant person in charge of the company said

Ningbo Yisheng Petrochemical Co., Ltd., another PTA producer, is also a major power consumer. Yu qianggen, the director of the company's office, told that the power consumption of enterprises was normal before, but just the day before the interview, the company had just received a notice from the power department, saying that the power department would adopt power restriction policies for more industrial enterprises in the near future. Please be prepared. "Last year, you were not allowed to use electricity because you had to complete the assessment index of energy conservation and emission reduction. This year, you really ran out of electricity. Yu qianggen said," it is estimated that petrochemical enterprises will have a hard time this summer. "

the situation of petrochemical enterprises in Hangzhou, Shaoxing and other regions is slightly better than that in Ningbo, but some regions with relatively concentrated industrial enterprises have implemented power rationing policies. For example, in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, Hangzhou Lishi fertilizer Co., Ltd. was caught by surprise by a sudden power outage two days ago. Later, it was learned that the power company adopted a temporary power outage due to overload. The enterprise felt very helpless about this. "Chemical production is continuous production, and sudden power failure causes great damage to equipment. The power department should at least give enterprises a reminder before power failure." A person in charge of production of the company said unfairly

Jiaxing also has a large gap in power consumption this summer. Although no welding treatment has been taken for the parts in the equipment, and power rationing has not been implemented for enterprises at present, enterprises have generally felt the tension in power consumption, indicating that they have been prepared for the intensification of "power shortage" this summer. Lu Yueliang, deputy director of the economic and Trade Bureau of the Jiaxing Port Development and Construction Commission, told that they were currently working out a schedule for enterprises in the region to stop production and overhaul in turn from July to August. It was planned that each enterprise would stop production for at least 15 days to stagger the peak of power consumption as much as possible

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