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Zhejiang: machine replacement boosts Yueqing's efficient resumption of work

original title: Zhejiang: machine replacement boosts Yueqing's efficient resumption of work

machine replacement not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also creates favorable conditions for enterprises to resume work. The recent resumption of work of many enterprises above Designated Size in Yueqing has once again verified this point

regular inspections should be carried out in workshops of more than 3000 square meters;, 62 digital injection molding machines are arranged like steel soldiers. The central integrated feeding system transports materials to each machine through pipes. As the machine runs, formed plastic parts "spit out" from the other end of the machine... On the morning of February 24, the injection molding workshop of Zhejiang Zhucheng Technology Co., Ltd. in Yueqing Economic Development Zone presented such a busy and orderly picture. However, in such a large workshop, only twoorthree employees patrol back and forth to check the operation of the machine in real time

the person in charge of the company laughed and said that the replacement of machines provides extremely favorable conditions for the resumption of work: "after automation transformation, this workshop normally only needs ten operators for a shift. Next, we will build an unmanned workshop. In this way, we can return to work smoothly without a large number of employees." After the company resumed work on February 20, technicians, workshop supervisors and other key positions have all been in place

in the production workshop of Xinling electric, it is also an efficient and automatic production scene: with the rhythmic roar of the machine, small iron sheets and coils are formed into small components after automatic riveting. At the end of the machine, a worker checks and stacks the products, Go to another machine nearby for inspection... "Today is the first day that we officially put into production the experimental machine and its fixture and measuring system must not be affected by the oxide layer pollution on the surface of hot-rolled samples. At present, two assembly lines have begun to operate." Zhang Pengchun, the relevant person in charge of Xinling electric, said

last year, in order to better meet the needs of intelligent production, Xinling company invested more than 30 million yuan to establish 12 digital production lines. With the resumption of work and production, these digital production lines have also shown their advantages, helping enterprises quickly restore production capacity before all workers return to their places. "In the next two days, after all links of the assembly line are opened, our average daily production capacity will reach more than 50000." Zhang Pengchun said

as the "capital of China's electrical appliances" and "leading domestic colleges and universities to participate in tackling key problems in China's electronic component production base", many private enterprises in Yueqing need a large number of migrant workers. This time, Yueqing not only encountered the problem of employees returning to the enterprise, but also the problem of strict control as one of the hardest hit areas of COVID-19 in Zhejiang Province. The task of returning to work and production is very arduous. Yueqing municipal Party committee and government issued the "Implementation Opinions on resolutely winning the prevention and control of COVID-19 and developing the initiative war", and issued 32 policy "big gift packages" to enterprises in 8 aspects of resumption of work and production, including "fully cultivating new economic new business forms and new models", vigorously implementing the "No.1 Project" of digital economy, increasing industrial support for, big data, artificial intelligence and other industries, and promoting industrial digitalization and intelligent transformation, enterprises Cloud platform enterprises provide free cloud office services and speed-up services for enterprises during the epidemic prevention and control period

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology, the support policy for resumption of work and production is in the same line with the development idea of Yueqing Fajin. In recent years, Yueqing has focused on policy support and financial support, taking the intelligent technological transformation of enterprises as an important coincidence and key driving point to promote investment driven and innovation driven. In 2019, 241 technological transformation projects were approved by enterprises in the city, and 153 projects in 8 batches of technological transformation subsidies were cashed out, with a subsidy amount of 153million yuan. At the same time, there were 6 batches of supporting Competitive Financial deposits of 605million yuan

"the technological transformation of the enterprise not only improves the efficiency, reduces the labor input, provides technical support for the current rapid restoration of production order, but also reduces the traffic and social management brought by the resumption of work." In terms of the field of using experimental machines, the person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of economy and information technology said that Yueqing also issued the "several opinions on further supporting the intelligent technological transformation and technological innovation of enterprises" to increase the support for the technological transformation of enterprises

Hexing Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is the beneficiary of Yueqing's technological transformation policy. Recently, after the resumption of work, the machines in the automotive electronics production workshop roared, and several assembly lines were under intense operation. Hexing Co., Ltd. is an enterprise with a high degree of digital automation. It is a major feature of the enterprise that there are many machines and equipment in the workshop but not many workers. Taking the automotive electronics production workshop as an example, a YKJ production line consisting of two Engel injection molding machines, one full-automatic insert cutting and bending tooling, one full-automatic performance testing tooling, one automatic feeding machine, and one funic six axis robot is operated and maintained by only one worker

it is learned that in order to promote the resumption of work and production of enterprises, Yueqing City has established five mechanisms of problem "collection, sorting, handing over, feedback and supervision", divided into four areas according to township streets and functional areas, and implemented special personnel to track and connect with enterprise assistants. The enterprises that implement the "machine replacement" strictly follow the requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, and do a good job in filing and orderly resumption of work according to the manual for resumption of work. At the same time, they take epidemic prevention and control measures at the first time. In addition to checking the "Health Code", body temperature measurement, place disinfection and other work, they also take measures such as eating at the wrong time, one person, one table serving of individual dishes and so on

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