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Zhejiang nori machinery: eulogize the pioneer of the times and praise the glory of labor

Zhejiang nori machinery: eulogize the pioneer of the times and praise the glory of labor

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on April 30, 2015, Zhejiang Province celebrated the "May Day" International Labor Day and the commendation Conference for labor models and advanced workers was held in the Great Hall of the people of Zhejiang Province. Xia Baolong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, delivered an important speech and, on behalf of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the people of the province, extended warm congratulations to the commended labor models and advanced workers, and expressed holiday greetings and high respect to the vast number of cadres, workers and working people in all walks of life and on all fronts in the province

before the meeting, Xia Baolong and Li, including high-precision transmission screw, slider manufacturing, Qiao Chuanxiu, Wang Huizhong, Ge Huijun, Yuan Jiajun, Liao Guoxun, Mao Linsheng, Li Zhihai and other provincial leaders visited the advanced representatives of labor models and took a group photo

at 9 a.m., the commendation meeting began with the majestic national anthem. Li Qiang, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and governor of Zhejiang Province, presided over the meeting. Wang Huizhong, deputy secretary of the Zhejiang provincial Party committee, read out the decision on Commending the national model worker, the national advanced worker, the May Day Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province, the May Day Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province, and the award-winning collective of the "worker pioneer" of Zhejiang Province. The leaders present awards to the commended advanced individuals and advanced collective representatives. Nori machinery and other 30 units in the province won the honor of "May 1st Labor Medal of Zhejiang Province" and were commended by the conference

Xia Baolong, Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, delivered an important speech. He pointed out: the era we live in is a great era that inspires people to forge ahead, and the cause we carry out is a great cause unprecedented. Over the years, the vast number of workers in our province are not afraid of sacrifice, backwardness and hardship. With excellent political character, lofty ideological realm and valuable practical spirit, they have actively participated in the fiery cause of economic and social development in our province, made great contributions to creating a happy life and a better future for the people of our province, and have been praised and respected by the whole society

the honor of "may day labor certificate of Zhejiang Province" won by nori machinery this time is the highest collective honor won by the company's team over the years, which fully shows the strength, struggle and performance of the team. Over the years, the company has achieved sustained and healthy development in the fierce market competition, established a high-quality staff team matching the development of the enterprise, created an excellent corporate culture and a harmonious labor environment, effectively realized the functions of computer control, data processing, display and so on, promoted the construction of the talent team and the atmosphere of loving the factory and home, and gave full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of all employees, It has made positive contributions to the sound and rapid development of the company

the working class has always been the most reliable and reliable backbone. Noli has developed from small to large and from weak to strong over the years. We have been in the same boat and united as one. We have experienced the difficulties of starting a business, the EU anti-dumping investigation, the impact of the international financial crisis and other ups and downs. We have come step by step to this day. After years of efforts, perseverance and perseverance, as well as years of expectations, confidence and waiting, on January 28, 2015, nori shares finally successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Nori people's long cherished wish has been perfectly interpreted, which is a new milestone in the development history of nori. Facts eloquently show that securities companies, which play the role of weathervanes in the capital market, sit on the mountain and watch the tiger, which proves the noble spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of all employees who work hard, love their jobs and dedication. This time, the honor of "May 1st labor certificate of Zhejiang Province" is well deserved, and God rewards hard work

honor is the driving force for China's plastic machinery industry to continue to move forward after the current changes in the global market pattern. We should cherish honor, make persistent efforts, love our jobs and work hard, and strive for the first-class. We should strengthen the spirit of ownership and actively participate in reform with the responsibility of being practical and at the forefront. Constantly improve their ideological and moral quality and professional skills, and realize the transformation from productive and physical type to skilled and intelligent type. We should base ourselves on our respective jobs, radiate labor enthusiasm, unleash creative potential, create extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs, and use the excellent character and exemplary actions of the working class to make new contributions and achievements for Noli's development

more than 1000 people attended the conference, including heads of relevant departments of organs directly under Zhejiang Province, heads of the Political Department of the provincial military region and the Political Department of the Provincial Armed Police Corps, heads of local and Municipal Federation of trade unions, national model workers and advanced workers in Zhejiang Province in 2015, winners of the provincial may day labor certificate and medal, representatives of the winners of the provincial "worker pioneer", cadres of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, and trade unions of various industries in Zhejiang Province

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