The latest low-cost polypropylene transparent agen

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New low-cost polypropylene transparent agent

Crompton company of the United States launched a new chemical structure of PP (polypropylene) nucleating agent/transparent agent moldpro 931, which is a fusible mixing agent. Its price is much cheaper than that of fusible mixing sorbitol (DBS) transparent agent or organic phosphate that cannot be fusible mixing. The price of moldpro 931 is $5/lb, while that of other nucleating agents is $12~20/lb

moldpro 931 is an FDA approved product, tasteless and odorless. It makes PP crystallize at 129 ℃. For example, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers must cooperate closely. As a result, from the beginning, the design of recyclable packaging is equivalent to or better than DBS products, and it can shorten the molding cycle. It is said that the product has high rigidity. The residual aluminum catalyst content in PP resin is generally greater than 25ppm, and the residual aluminum will make the role and effect of the transparent agent better, but moldpro 931 will fail in the presence of monoglyceride stearate (GMS)

moldpro 931 is a gray sheet material, and the amount of breakpoint ratio value in PP should be appropriately reduced to 0.10%~0.25%. The zero value of gas-phase PP is 39%~55%, which is better than benzoate transparent agent (zero value is 63%), but it is not good for the new generation of DBS transparent agent (zero value is 12%~27%). According to Crompton company, the rigidity of PP Homopolymer with moldpro 931 is 25% higher, and the rigidity of PP copolymer is 19%

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