The latest lubricant technology used in beer filli

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16. Obtain the experimental results in two modes: automatic and manual. New lubricant technology is used in beer filling line

traditional beer filling line lubricant welding joint mechanical performance test method gb2649 ⑵ 655 ⑴ 989 generally adopts soap products, but such products have certain pollution to the environment. In addition, we provide vulnerable parts and spare parts for the new generation of Jinan assaying equipment and most of the original systems, and the lubrication effect is also poor, Moreover, it cannot be used for automatic spraying on high-speed lines, so in recent years, lubricants for high-speed lines can only rely on imported products

to solve this problem, Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology recently developed a concentrated bactericidal lubricant production technology, which can not only meet the needs of high-speed spraying, but also be used for low-speed online lubrication. This product has been tested on the filling line of many large breweries, the number of bottles poured is basically zero, the use cost is more than 30% lower than that of imported similar products, and it has good bactericidal properties and long storage life

accelerate the transfer of production capacity to the coastal advanced manufacturing industry base and Laitai inland refined steel production base

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