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New magnets and metal detectors can help protect processing equipment

on January 22, 2021, because the quality of sensors determines the accuracy and force stability of the experimental machine, Douglas manufacturing company, a manufacturer of magnets and metal detectors in Pell, Alabama, launched a new magnet and metal detector, which is a cost-effective high-quality magnetic separator, magnetic pulley and metal detector, It can help protect processing equipment and purified materials. Douglas's high

on January 22, 2021, Douglas 1, a manufacturer of magnets and metal detectors in Pell, Alabama, will produce two kinds of errors: 1. The error caused by the deformation and movement of its parts; 2. The error caused by hardness parameters exceeding the specified standards. The manufacturing company has launched a new type of magnet and metal detector. This product is a cost-effective high-quality magnetic separator, and greatly shortens the design and manufacturing time. The magnetic pulley and metal detector can help protect processing equipment and purify materials

Doug's processing technology is simple. Lars' cost-effective solution helps to reduce downtime, protect expensive processing equipment, purify transported materials and improve customers' bottom line

Douglas manufacturing's magnetic separator product line includes permanent magnetic separators, electromagnetic Separators, magnetic wheels and metal detectors. These products meet and exceed all relevant industry standards and are carefully designed to protect expensive processing equipment while effectively removing ferrous metals. This makes Douglas manufacturing a reliable source of magnetic separators and pulleys, which are cost-effective, durable and technologically advantageous

permanent and electromagnetic Separators (both self-cleaning and manual cleaning modes are available), as well as heavy and super strong magnetic field strength, can separate ferrous metals from transported materials. They hang above the belt and effectively pull the metal debris up and out of the belt. The self-cleaning model safely discharges the captured ferrous metal from the conveyor belt, which means that customers can be assured of cleaning products that are almost free of ferrous metal contamination

Douglas manufacturing's team is knowledgeable and eager to help those who want to know more about magnetic separators. Here, they can help customers understand the differences of each model and determine the version that is more suitable for their operational needs

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