The export of the hottest aluminum alloy fell, and

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The export of aluminum alloy has decreased. The domestic cast aluminum alloy "cooling"

in recent years, the export volume of aluminum alloy in China has decreased significantly, mainly because the order volume in Japan has decreased significantly, so unless absolutely necessary, it is less. It is reported that Japan is the main exporter of China's cast aluminum alloy industry, and its domestic demand for China's cast aluminum alloy products has been reduced, which has a certain impact on the development of China's cast aluminum alloy industry. The reduction of domestic aluminum alloy exports has directly affected the development of China's cast aluminum alloy industry relying on Quzhou industrial foundation and the project under construction in Ningbo to produce the next generation USB type-C connector, which further shrinks its demand market

at present, when the development of China's casting industry is facing a downturn, the development of the casting aluminum alloy industry is also realizing the decline of energy consumption, further slowing down, and facing a severe development situation. According to the analysis of relevant people, the export volume of China's casting aluminum alloy is likely to increase to a certain extent in the future

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