The export of rubber protective wax from Henan Oil

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The export of rubber protective wax of Henan Oilfield exceeded 500 tons

another good news came from the refined wax factory of Henan Oilfield: on September 28, the refined wax factory received a contract to export 36 tons of ht652 rubber protective wax to the third largest rubber company in South Korea, and the products were transported to South Korea on October 8. This marks that the direct agent export sales volume of rubber protective wax of refined wax factory has reached 503 tons this year, with a year-on-year increase of 244%, a record high

therefore, as a physical antioxidant for rubber, rubber protective wax has been widely used in various rubber products in the rubber industry. It is also the most promising variety with mature market and large demand for special wax in China at present. As the drafting unit of the rubber protective wax industry standard, the refined wax factory timely optimizes the product structure, reasonably allocates raw materials, and monitors the whole process from product production, analysis and testing, molding and granulation, pallet acceptance, export inspection and other links according to the needs of foreign customers, so as to ensure the stability of the quality of rubber protective wax products

since today's shitouzao was officially put into operation in March 2015, the refined wax factory has also increased communication with new and old customers, established a database for developed foreign customers and conducted dynamic analysis, and timely communicated with customers and agents about shipping, documents and other problems in export business, so as to ensure the interests of customers and continuously improve customer satisfaction. The factory also widely collects international market information, actively understands the needs of foreign customers, seizes the opportunity in time, and improves market share

at present, the refined wax factory has maintained a good and stable cooperative relationship with many companies in South Korea and Indonesia. According to researchhandmarket, a well-known market research organization, when exploring a new development path of plastic granulator technology, TS predicts that the external market has a broad prospect

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