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Some chemical exports are no longer "overseas" safety assessment

some chemical exports are no longer "overseas" safety assessment

February 27, 2012

[China paint information] on February 21, the safety assessment center of Shenyang Research Institute of chemical industry affiliated to Sinochem Group passed the GLP (good laboratory practice or standard laboratory practice) certification ceremony of the Dutch government, a member of OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development), held in Shenyang, This marks that the experimental data of chemical safety evaluation in China has obtained international recognition in the three fields of toxicity research, clinical chemistry and analysis, and physical and chemical analysis

"this will greatly reduce the cost of international registration of domestic chemicals such as pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food additives, cosmetics, veterinary drugs, etc., and the cost can be saved by up to 50%. At that time, there may not be any special place when it was registered overseas, which is of positive significance to promote the registration and export of China's related products abroad, improve the price of products with independent intellectual property rights, and promote the overseas expansion of related industries." Li Bin, vice president of Sinochem Group and President of Shenyang Institute of technology, told

it is understood that after passing the certification, the relevant evaluation data issued by Shenyang Institute will be multilaterally recognized by 33 OECD member countries, completely solving the problem that the safety evaluation of China's exports of chemicals to developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States for many years can only rely on foreign GLP Laboratory testing

Chen tiechun, director of the analysis Office of the Institute for pesticide control of the Ministry of agriculture, told that GLP is a regulatory document formulated to strengthen the management of laboratory experimental research from planning, experiment, supervision, record to experimental report, which is mainly aimed at the safety evaluation experiments of drugs, pesticides, food additives, cosmetics, veterinary drugs, etc. The main purpose of formulating GLP is to strictly control all links of chemical safety evaluation experiments, ensure the accuracy, authenticity and reliability of experimental results, promote the improvement of experimental quality, improve the scientificity, correctness and impartiality of registration and licensing review, and better protect human health and environmental safety

according to Sinochem Group, in order to unify the safety evaluation standards of chemicals and avoid non-tariff barriers to chemicals, OECD has been promoting the mutual recognition of safety evaluation data since the 1980s, and has formulated GLP guidelines, which require all members to strictly follow. However, China's GLP work started late, and the national ministries and commissions attached great importance to it. They have successively supported and formulated GLP standards covering various fields. However, the management norms are currently limited to China and have not yet been in line with international certification bodies, which has a great restriction and impact on the export of related chemicals of domestic enterprises

"In 2011, the domestic pesticide export volume reached 1.4067 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15.6%; the export volume was US $6.187 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 27.62%. Although China has become a large export country, it is a small market country and a weak voice country. The most critical factor is that China's pesticide toxicology, residues and other empirical data are not recognized by international organizations and developed countries, and China is participating in the formulation of international standards for pesticide residue limits and the settlement of international trade disputes of agricultural products It is difficult to take the initiative and respond effectively. " Chen tiechun emphasized

in addition, since 2007, the implementation of the EU REACH regulation has also brought certain negative effects to China's chemical industry and related industries. According to the requirements of reach regulation, China's export of chemicals and chemical downstream products to the EU will face problems in registration, evaluation, licensing and other aspects, and must be registered with relevant departments with the safety evaluation data issued by its certified GLP laboratory. It is estimated that the increased cost will generally increase the export cost of China's petroleum and chemical products to the EU by more than 5%, affecting the export of China's related products to the EU. Therefore, if our chemical products want to enter the international market, we must incorporate the domestic safety evaluation standards into the GLP international management system

as joint 25mm × 25mm × 2=1250mm2=12.5cm2; The safety evaluation center of Shenyang Institute of technology, education, culture and culture was the first institution in China to engage in the safety evaluation of pesticides and other fine chemicals. It was also the first in China to accept and introduce the GLP international management concept, and took the lead in the construction and operation of the GLP system for the safety evaluation of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and new chemical substances

in order to reach and pass the international GLP experimental standards and certification as soon as possible, the safety evaluation center of Shenyang academy of Sciences has been strictly standardizing all links in accordance with the world's most advanced animal experimental standards, and expanding the research and experimental fields through various ways. By 2000, it has taken the lead in becoming the country with the widest testing range in this field (involving pesticides, medicine, new chemical substances, aviation and marine dangerous goods, etc.) The safety evaluation organization with the largest experimental capacity (providing a full set of experimental data required by China's chemical registration data) and the largest number of experiments (undertaking thousands of experiments every year) is the only unit in China that can conduct the safety evaluation and testing of pesticides, pharmaceuticals and new chemical substances at the same time and has the ability to conduct a full set of experiments in accordance with the requirements of pesticide registration and management data

on February 7, 2012, the safety assessment center of Shenyang academy of Sciences and the pesticide inspection laboratory both obtained the GLP certification and Accreditation of OECD member Dutch government, obtained the corresponding certificates, and are expected to obtain multilateral accreditation of OECD member countries. Shenyang Institute of safety evaluation center is the first safety evaluation organization to win this honor in China. Since then, Shenyang Institute has gained international recognition in three major fields: toxicity research, clinical chemistry and analysis, and physical and chemical analysis

"in the next step, we will maintain the system of GLP aluminum door and window products relative to other industrial extruded products, meet the re inspection of foreign parties, provide relevant technical support to government departments, and constantly track the development trend of foreign GLP." The person in charge of Shenyang Institute said

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