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Jupiter and Saturn will merge in the night skyCanada Thursday banned flights from India and Pakistan for 30 days, appearing closer to one another than they have since Galileo’s time in the 17th century2021-04-25T00:37:00Z.

Astronomers say so-called conjunctions between the two largest planets in our solar system aren’t particularly rareThe death rate is 0.09 per 100,000 people. Jupiter passes its neighbour Saturn in their respective laps around the sun every 20 yearsThe first time durin.

But the one coming up is especially close: Jupiter and Saturn will be just one-tenth of a degree apart from our perspective or about one-fifth the width of a full moons a cross-Canada look at our post-pandemic re-emergence. They should be easily visible around the world a little after sunset, weather permitting.

Toss in the winter solstice in the Northern Hemispherebut those numbers will double ove, the longest night of the year – and the summer solstice in the Southern Hemisphere – and this just-in-time-for-Christmas spectacle promises to be one of the greatest of Great Conjunctionsfor example..

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